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Choosing Artificial Grasses

So you've decided to finally start pursuing artificial turf installation, but where do you start? Below we'll walk you through some dos and don'ts when choosing the material that's right for your space.

Comparing Materials

Most people compare artificial grass samples by holding them in their hands or standing above them. However, this doesn’t give you the right perception of how the grass will look when it’s completed. To truly understand how the artificial grass will look, we recommend standing back about 10 or 15 ft. From a distance, you’ll begin noticing the differences in color, texture, and shape of the material. 

Choosing What's Right For Your Needs

An artificial grass that is designed for frequent and heavy traffic will be shorter and denser. Grass with antimicrobial technology will have a bold and strong blade. While this won't feel super soft, it makes it easier to clean. These types of grass can be brushed and will bounce back as people walk on the surface, which lengthens the life of the installation.

Artificial grasses that are plush and comfy are usually popular for backyards with small children, and for balconies with very little traffic. They are the most bare-foot friendly and feel amazing but they're not designed to be as durable. 

Educated Recommendations

We select artificial grass materials for you based on the consistency and quality of the product. By doing this we ensure that there are no defective lines or creases in the materials that will be used in your project. We listen to our client's needs but also make suggestions to achieve a long-lasting installation. For example, most people love soft and plush grasses but typically we shy away from those because they're not as durable and won't survive foot traffic. 

We can get our hands on products from almost any grass supplier on the market if you have a specific request. However, we highly recommend first considering artificial grasses from our portfolio because the quality has been confirmed through thousands of installations. We don’t rely on a single supplier because we want to offer our clients top-notch materials. We present you with the best, most technologically advanced, and natural-looking grass in the industry.

Buying Materials Yourself

Some homeowners intend to save money by purchasing their own turf for their project. We strongly advise against this because there are multiple risks:

  • You won't know the quality of the material you're getting. Many companies advertise an amazing price and then send you grass that will fall apart in a few years.
  • The grass will need to be delivered to your home. These rolls are very heavy and require 2 to 3 people to carry without damage. We've seen many people get fined because they weren't prepared to unload the materials.
  • There may not be enough material to cover your space, or on the contrary, you may order too much and you’re out of money.
  • Seaming the grass is difficult and labor-intensive. It takes time for us to properly hide seams so the grass looks natural. If this part isn't done correctly, you won't be satisfied with how the surface looks. 

It is rare to find high-quality materials cheaper than we can because we work directly with manufacturers daily. We use our own vehicles to deliver products and keep the installation hassle-free for our customers. Save yourself time and money, and request an estimate with us today!

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