Calculate the price for your artificial grass project in about 6 clicks. Get a realistic estimate that is tailored to your project. This is not a low-cost hook. 

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What is next?

  • Receive Estimate Same Day or Within 24h.
  • See Material Options With Pictures, Details, and Pricing.
  • Request Samples and Schedule an Appointment for Consultation Within the Proposal.


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How do you calculate prices for artificial grass installation

We designed a simple form that calculates the cost of artificial grass installation for pet turf, balcony turf, putting greens, and artificial grass projects.

Price calculation takes into account the following aspects of your project:

  • Square footage
  • Artificial grass grade
  • Accessibility
  • Specific items, such as drainage, putting green cups, pet-friendly levels

As a result, our visitors can see a pretty accurate estimate in under 1 minute or 6-10 clicks.

Our calculations are updated and kept at a higher end. Our goal is to provide a realistic expectation for quality artificial grass installation, not a low-cost hook.

We hope this will help you!

When shall I expect a quote from you?

An approximate estimate is available immediately. You can also request our specialist to look at your property online, compare it to the pictures and create a precise binding proposal the same day.

Most requests will be honored on the same day. If you submit your request in the evening, You will receive an interactive quote by noon the next day.

Do you install artificial turf or sell it?

We install artificial grass in California and plan to expand nationwide. Our crews are in-house and professional.

Can I purchase artificial grass from you?

Yes, you can select artificial grass from the best suppliers in the US. We will recommend you the turf that fits your project and budget the most.

You will also get an additional discount that we will negotiate with an artificial turf supplier.

Do you provide cleaning and repair services?

Yes, we have s specialized vehicle for cleaning and repairs. Our crew can assist with pet-friendly lawn odor control and repair your turf.


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