Artificial Grass Installation COST CALCULATOR

Design and calculate your artificial turf installation project online in 6 clicks.

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What is next?

  • Fits your budget? Request a custom personalized estimate with our specialist.
  • Receive a custom artificial grass estimate the same day or within 24h.
  • Review artificial turf material options with pictures, details, and pricing.
  • Request samples, schedule an appointment to review the details on site and get started.


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When shall I expect a quote from you?

Artificial grass cost calculator will show you the cost right away.

After you request a custom quote, you shall receive a response the same or next day.

Our estimate will take a look at your property with google maps, and city drawings and then compare it to your images that you upload.

You will receive a presentation with options and pricing. You will be able to select items that fit your needs and budget the best.

Do you install artificial turf or sell it?

We install artificial grass in California and plan to expand nationwide. Our crews are in-house and professional.

Can I purchase artificial grass from you?

Yes, you can select artificial grass from the best suppliers in the US. We maintain agreements with the most trustworthy artificial turf manufacturers.

You will receive artificial grass directly from them. On top, you will get our consultation, help with artificial turf selection, and a tailored discount.

How precise is your artificial grass cost calculator?

We update our artificial grass cost calculator every month. It resembles the most recent price updates and industry trends. This tool saves us hours of work and serves dozens of homeowners every day.

Our calculator is trained to show you a realistic estimate. We will not pitch you a low number to waste your time. We hope this calculator will give you a pretty precise bulk price quickly.


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