K9 Pet Turf Artificial Grass Installation

k9 pet friendly synthetic turf systems in Los Angeles

K9 pet turf artificial grass installation

k9 pet turf installation guide

Sample Pet Friendly Turf Projects

K9 pet turf wash system in action

K9 pet turf wash system in action

residential pet turf system

Residential pet turf system

pet turf artificial grass installed la

Pet Turf artificial grass installed la

pet turf installation los angeles

Pet Turf Installation Los Angeles

K9 fake grass at backyard

K9 fake grass at backyard

residential artificial grass for dogs

Residential Artificial Grass For Dogs

Installing K9 Turf in Los Angeles

K9 pet turf artificial grass installation area Los Angeles
K9 pet turf artificial grass installers

We cover the entire Los Angeles area and travel nationwide for larger projects

From Woodland Hills to Pasadena, Santa Monica, and Irvine 

  • Equipped with tools to get your K9 pet turf done right
  • Most advanced materials with antimicrobial technology
  • Fully insured and quality minded

Pet Turf Systems Simplified

Installing pet turf is not quite the same as installing regular turf. We break it down into three different categories.

Residential Pet Turf 

Residential K9 pet turf installation

Residential or the occasional pet system is the most simple. It can still achieve a thorough cleaning and control the smell.

It's perfect for someone who doesn't have a dog themselves but have friends and family who do, or someone who's dog normally goes elsewhere. We also recommend this for neighbor-friendly front lawns and street islands.

Complete Pet Systems

Professional K9 Pet Turf installation

A complete pet turf system will give you the best results with regular pet use! It is designed for frequent wash and sanitization. An additional rigid layer keeps turf above ground and provides access to water and air for ventilation. This is the most advanced system that we know of.

Such projects are great for pet owners with one or more dogs. 

Commercial K9

Commercial K9 Pet turf systems

Commercial pet turf can be customized for your business. Often we install drainage, rigid frames, and automated in-ground sanitization systems. You get a choice of solutions from a line of manufacturers, with all requested test and certificates.

Those projects are always custom, so please contact us with more information!


Can't find The answer?

Request an estimate for pet turf installation. State your question in the comments to get the answer from the project manager.
We will review your project online pretty quickly. You will receive a preliminary proposal within 24-48 hours.

Or browse our knowledge base to get more tips.

What should you expect from InstallArtificial?

Even with the new technology of Microban, the drainage system, and the volcanic ash, you will still have to regularly maintain your pet turf artificial grass. We try hard, but there is no magic to it.
We love helping our clients create a functional space for their pets. We help you to design and install the best area for your pet.

Local and professional team for your pet turf projects. All done by our in-house crew. We do not outsource our projects to other contractors. You get what was intended and designed with a single point of contact.

We offer grasses with built-in Microban to help protect the turf from bacteria growth. This advanced technology is extremely helpful for pet turf.
You can can see various pet systems and materials in one place. We are not attached to a single brand or supplier. We constantly monitor the pet turf market for new materials to offer you the most advanced pet turf available.
With artificial pet turf, your dog will no longer track dirt, grass, or weeds throughout your home. Artificial turf is cleaner and will help you keep your house clean. 

You will get a link to the online form to help us understand your intentions and grasp an idea of what you have in mind. The basic questions we get are usually:

  • How much space is the area; do you want a small section just for your pet to use or the whole yard?
  • Are you planning on having your pets use the area occasionally or regularly?
  • Are there specific items that you would like to request?
With artificial turf, your lawn will stay green for years to come. Your pet's urine will no longer create brown spots and stains in your yard, leaving you with a beautiful entertainment space.
We have a couple of different drainage options available. You can choose the system depending on complexity, use, and budget.

Our Pet Turf Difference

K9 pet turf artificial grass installation crew

Better Systems. Better Materials. 

You get a crew with years of experience and research in pet turf systems. We have learned the pros and cons of various solutions to propose the one that will fit you best. 

Our pet turf projects feature:

  • Advanced materials from multiple suppliers.
  • Proven systems and approaches to installation.
  • Solutions for  easy cleaning, lowest temperature, extended lifetime.

Pet Turf Cleaning Guide

Artificial turf cleaning guide

Watch. Learn. Do It Right.

There is quality and there is a disaster. Learn from other people's mistakes.

We are called to take on the ruined projects, often too late. Don't forget your pet turf still needs to be regularly maintained. 

Download a guide to the best cleaning solutions for pet turf.

Clients & Reviews

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