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Artificial TurfList Summary

Featured Turf

Baby Touch
Natural Beauty
Playground Heaven
Do The Job

Synthetic Grass Warehouse

Diamond Supreme Spring
Everglade Fescue Pro
Tacoma Light
Malibu Spring
Malibu Spring Light
Everglade Spring Light
Tacoma Light
Tahoe Fescue Pro
Tacoma Light
Sure Putt
Nylon Putt
Nylon Putt 2 Tone

Global Syn Turf

Olive 51
Spring 50
C Blade 92
Recycle 60
S Blade 66
Premium M Blade 60
All Natural 75
High Sierra
Trainers Turf 63
Pro Putt 44
Pro Putt 56
Putt 46
S Blade 90
Pet Turf
Cashmere 52

Imperial Synthetic Turf

ND Spring Rye 50
California Royal 69
ND Spring Rye 70
California Royal 89
ND Spring Rye 94
California Tall Fescue 90
Imperial Rye 90
Platinum Heat Maxx 90
Imperial Rye 90
Platinum Heat Maxx 90
Pet Pride Basic
Pet Pride Pro
Tour Grade Bent Grass
Poa Annua Pro
Country Club Bent Grass


Diamond Soft 60
Cypress Point
Smart Pet Plus
Play Zone Plus
Performance Play
Xtreme Play
Eagle Putt
Pure Putt

Purchase Green

Natural Fusion Spring
Natural Fusion 80
Natural Fusion 50
Vista Sport
Vista Natural 65
PG Tour
Bluegrass Supreme
Playscape Pro
Emerald Putting Green
Dark Olive Puttng Green

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