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Most Popular Turf from Global Syn-Turf

All Natural 75, Global Syn Turf, side
Premium M Blade-60, Global Syn Turf, side
S Blade 66, Global Syn Turf, side

Soft and Plush

All Natural 75, Global Syn Turf, side
Cashmere-52, Global Syn Turf, side
High Sierra, Global Syn Turf, side

Easy Maintenance

Pet Turf, Global Syn Turf, side
Olive 51, Global Syn Turf, side
Trainers Turf 63, Global Syn Turf, Side

Light Weight

Full Recycle-60, Global Syn Turf, Side
Spring-50, Global Syn Turf, Side
Cashmere-52, Global Syn Turf, side

Heavy Weight

All Natural 75, Global Syn Turf, side
C-Blade 92, global syn turf, side
S blade-90, Global Syn Turf, side

Putting Greens

Pro Putt 44, Global Syn Turf, side
Pro Putt 56, Global Syn Turf, side
Putt-46-Bicolor, Global Syn Turf, side


How Do I Order Turf?

Click the button "Request a Deal", and answer a few questions. We'll get back to you within 24 hours with your custom quote and your custom deal. With a few clicks, your order will be shipped directly from Global Syn-Turf. 

Why Buy Turf From InstallArtificial?

- You get a better price than if you went to the manufacturer directly due to the special discounts we can provide.

- We've made it easy for you. We break it down by use and brand to show you the best options for your specific project. We've also tested each grass and compared the results so you know exactly what you're paying for! 

- Lastly, you're provided an additional layer of protection with us because we ship volumes with these manufacturers, we're on your side! 

Will I be Getting the Exact Same Turf as the Manufacturers sell?

Absolutely! We process your orders directly through the manufacturer. You're receiving the exact same grass, at a discounted price! 

Is the Turf Directly Shipped From the Manufacturer?

The turf you choose will be shipped directly to your home from the manufacturer's warehouse! These products ship nationwide. There's no worrying about pick up or delivery when you choose InstallArtificial.  

Will I be Paying More Buying From InstallArtificial?

Actually, you'll be paying less! Can't beat that right? We're provided additional discounts by these manufacturers that we're passing directly to you. 

Will I Receive the Same Warranty?

Any turf purchased from the manufacturer will be covered under the warranty that specific grass provides. Warranties typically cover defects in the grass material itself and exclude coverage for any outside factors such as sun exposure, foot traffic, magnification, pet odor etc. 

About Global Syn-Turf

Global Syn-Turf is the world leader in synthetic grass. Their certified and experienced production plants manufacture more than 150 million square feet of artificial grass each year. They offer a wide range of products including lawns, sports fields, playgrounds, rooftop gardens, and medians. GST is proud to be one of the global leaders in the field, and they strive towards the satisfaction of our customers.

Check out GST's website here: Global Syn-Turf