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See where you are losing profits and gaining risk with a turf pricing template to help you upsell profitable features. Sales printout.

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Is this you?

  • In construction, but don't install artificial grass yet?
  • Poorly installed turf delaying your final check?
  • Tired of crafting estimates and losing money on labor?

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Why Give Us A Try?

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Protect Your Main Business Reputation

  • Outsource the most visible scope to a professional crew. Your main crew does not have time to practice grading and seaming daily. We do.
  • Use turf materials that perform consistently, hide seams, and are easy to sell.
  • Deliver quality renovation. Your whole project will be judged by the seams and grading. Why gamble for only 3% of your total check?
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Make More Money

  • Customize your scope to get the most profit. You can remove the soil, prepare the base, or leave it to us. you are the boss. We make it easy and transparent for you.
  • Receive an annual bonus for the volume of projects instead of a premium tax bill and workers comp insurance increase when you pay cash to your workers.
  • Use consistent materials to deliver quality work in fewer days and offer lucrative add-ons to boost profitability
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Free Up Your Time

  • Let us draft your estimates and provide top-selling turf samples. Next day and priority service. We can act as a separate entity or an extension of your company.
  • Easily adjust the scope of work with transparent pricing without appointments.
  • Get it done right the first time.

Quality Expectations

modern backyard renovation

Smooth Surfaces

concrete slabs with stripes

Detailed Finishes

playground artificial grass project

Hidden Seams

landscaping turf

Landscape Grading

What Other Contractors Say?

Well, lets' see what the have to say...

  • We outsource only the turf part. Our demo team does the hauling and base prep. - James N.
  • I build pools. InstallArtificial preps our estimate the same day. Next day for samples. And it sells easily. - Charles F.
  • We are the kings of fences. Turf is free cash for us, as I do not spend time or resources. - Kevin T.

We listened and designed this program to cater to you, our dear contractors!

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Look, we are a hardworking company with earned reputation. Our prices are competitive. We will not do the job that falls apart. It is a lose-lose scenario. But we will give you a good price for quality work, so we could continue working together.

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