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Artificial Grass Installation Guide

Artificial Grass Installation Services in Pasadena

Artificial Turf Gallery

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Backyard Play Areas

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Sports Fields Construction


Putting Greens

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Front Lawns

backyard artificial turf los angeles

Residential Projects

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Small Putting Greens

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Driveway Turf

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Performance Surfaces

Commercial artificial turf for venues

Hotel & Restaurant Event Venues

Serving Pasadena Area

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synthetic turf installation company pasadena

We work in the Pasadena area and cover most of Los Angeles area.

 Our execution features:

  • Advanced equipment for synthetic grass installation
  • Dependable network of suppliers across the area
  • Quality focused and completely insured


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Our Difference

Same day estimates fake grass

Quick Turnaround


You can receive an accurate estimate from us in less than 3 minutes, or you can request a more detailed and precise estimate that we can send to you the same day.


price artificial grass

 Calculated Pricing


We don't send you quotes that are vague guesses. Our team puts together your quote with precision and care. You'll receive full control and competitive prices.

artificial turf installers

In-House Crews


Our crews are very well trained and properly equipped. You'll get professional installers for your job, because we don't resell our projects to amateurs.

artificial grass warranty

Explicit Warranty


Our warranty gives you a definite explanation on what is covered. We don't lure our clients in with vague warranties on labor.

Microban technolog in artificial grass

Advanced Technology


We have chosen to use materials that have the most advanced technology in antibacterial protection, heat reflection, and the turf structure. We make sure to constantly stay in the loop in our industry so we can provide you with the best.

weed prevention artificial turf

Less Weeds


We make sure to adhere to the most recent guidelines in the industry to considerably reduce the amount of weeds in your yard.

What Should You Expect From InstallArtificial?

We maintain all required insurance including worker's compensation, general liability, commercial vehicle insurance, and required bonds. All our helpers start with a hiring agency to provide an additional layer of security.

Architects, contractors, and top brands who choose us to partner with for their project can receive additional insurance upon request.

You can control the quality of the turf installation when you receive a set of procedures from us. This helps to avoid unnecessary corrections and get your job done correctly the first time.
Our crew comes to your project entirely equipped. We provide our crew with skid steer stretchers, trucks, and professional tools. By having everything available to them on the job site, it optimizes our resources while providing steady quality of work.

Our in-house crew is both local and professional. We don't outsource our projects to other workers or contractors. You'll have a single point of contact for your project and will get what was intended just for you.

Getting the job done right in an efficient manner is what's important to us. This helps you save in the long run by having the job be done correctly and smoothly. As an example, instead of manual wheelbarrows, we use electric wheelbarrows to lift materials which is much safer and faster.

Every quote we send out gets perfectly calculated to your specific needs and requests. We are very knowledgeable in the pricing structure, which means every estimate is custom-made and very competitive.

Other advanced pieces of equipment we use to maximize efficiency are power loaders and the most advanced power tools. We only use professional equipment for our jobs. Our prices have become more competitive because of the fact that we're working smarter.
We only provide our clients with materials that have a great quality to avoid any potential issues with the turf. We work with several different suppliers so that we provide you with different reliable options that fit your needs, budget, and different specs.

Our crew is experienced and very well educated. They have more knowledge than basic cutting and nailing of turf. They're trained professionals with years of experience and a master's degree, providing them with the knowledge on building proper drainage, retaining soil, irrigation utilities, and lighting. Your project is well thought out and is built to last years.

We design a custom estimate for you when you request a quote with us. Our form allows you to upload a picture and leave comments for more accuracy.

Our detailed estimate will help give you a better idea of our products and prices.

Prevent a Disaster

How to spot an artificial grass broker

Watch. Learn. Do It Right.

Many marketing companies are just fishing for leads, meaning that they will advertise artificial grass installation for only $5.99 a square foot. But then they just sell the job to anyone who will take it, resulting in disaster projects.

Spot a broker before it is too late!

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