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How Much Does It Cost to Install Artificial Grass?

The most common question we're asked is: How much does turf installation cost? And unfortunately, the answer isn’t always direct as we wish it could be! But this article is here to help you better understand what affects the cost of artificial grass.

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Square Footage

The biggest factor going into the pricing is the square footage of the project. The bigger the area, the higher the cost. However, most leading turf installation companies will offer a better rate and volume discount for larger spaces. To get an idea of the price, check out our quick cost calculator

Materials Used

The next major factor that goes into pricing is the type of artificial grass you choose. We normally offer you three different options to choose from catering to the type of project we’re doing. Each grass will be priced differently per square foot. If you choose a really dense option, this will become more expensive. The price change is usually a lot more noticeable during larger projects because there are more grass materials to order. However, it does make a difference during smaller projects as well. We also may need to use bender boards or treated wood to separate the grass from a fence or planters. While the need for bender boards is dependent on the area, note that this will affect pricing if installed. 

Labor Costs

Installers can’t work for free, so some of the money that you pay for the installation goes to paying them. Some customers choose to install grass on their own to save money, which is okay - but relying on professional installers will ensure a quality installation. Typically, once installed incorrectly, artificial grass can’t be saved. This means for repairs we’ll have to completely reinstall. Save yourself from the hassle and financial troubles in the future, let us take care of everything.

Artificial Grass Recycling

 professional installers installing artificial grass for backyard turf

Project Specific Add-ons

There are different add-ons that we offer that will increase the price of the project if the client opts in. Each add-on varies in cost depending on what it entails. We never force customers to add on anything additional, but we do make recommendations. We usually recommend applying weed preventer and antibacterial sand infill for the best results. Other add-ons include upgrading to aluminum bender boards, which are stronger and will last a very long time. We also have the ability to make the area entirely pet-friendly.

And there you go! These are the biggest factors that affect the pricing of your artificial grass project. For more information or to request an estimate, please call us at 424-625-5005. Let’s do this!