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5 Questions That May Prevent A Disaster

We're here to help you save thousands of dollars on your artificial grass installation by providing you with 5 questions to ask your contractor. These questions will help you identify potential issues with artificial turf installers and their products. 

Why should you ask these questions? To prevent any financial, legal, or installation troubles of course!

1. What Kind Of License Do You Carry?

The answer to this should be a B or C27 license. If they hesitate or sound unsure, you can check their license and insurance status at

2. Will You Be A Project Manager On This Job?

Very often salespeople over-promise the outcome and have nothing to do with the installation itself. To find out the exact details of your project, contact the crew that will actually be working on your property.

3. What Happens If Your Artificial Grass Fades? 

Some grasses do tend to fade with time. Make sure your installer isn’t using those lower-quality grass materials. When discussing the materials you’re going to be using during installation, ask this question and research the reviews on the grass you choose to see if this is a common defect. 

4. Will You Be Using Recycled Material?

Often we find artificial grass installers save on grass by completing the job with small pieces from old completed jobs. This leads to visible seams and a shorter lifetime of the artificial grass. Make sure the install team uses fresh grass from a roll.

5. How Can You Guarantee Invisible Seams And A Level Surface?

If a contractor cannot guarantee a seamless installation, you will likely end up with a poor-quality job. Whether it’s patchy grass or noticeable seams it won't produce the results you deserve. This is a great question to ask to gauge the crew's knowledge of critical steps in the installation process.

visible seams defect in artificial grass installation in front and backyards

A Few More Things To Look Out For:

  • Lawsuits And Change Orders: An installer with no insurance can sue you for cutting his own finger during installation. Lower-priced projects may bring a series of change orders and result in an abandoned job with outstanding bills and often leans against your property.
  • Lots Of Promises, No Communication: If a salesperson failed to communicate your agreement in detail with the crew that's actually working on your property, the installers will complete the job based on their own assumptions.
  • Flooding: If drainage is not set up properly, you can flood your lawn or even worse, your home. 
  • Uneven Surfaces: Poor compaction may result in hills and gaps. This will create inconsistencies in the surface of your new lawn. 
  • Knives, Blades, And Nails: The installation may hide hazards. Ensure the crew has cleaned and removed any excess material from the area before their job is complete.

We hope that after asking your contractor these questions, you'll have more peace of mind. If the foreman can't adequately provide you with answers to any of these it should be a red flag. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us. To have an experienced installation crew, request an estimate below! 

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