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How to Calculate Artificial Turf Roll Length for Your DIY Project

What size turf rolls do you need? - It will be the first question you're asked when you order artificial grass. Below we'll explain how to determine how much turf is needed, how to choose the most optimal cuts, and list practical use cases. Keep reading to also learn some tips and tricks for hauling! 

Artificial Grass Recycling

How Much Artificial Turf Do you Need to Purchase?

When calculating sq. footage please consider the following: 

Most Turf Rolls Come 15 ft. Wide

Unfortunately, you can't buy fully custom-sized cuts of turf. Most of the time artificial grass is manufactured in 15 ft. wide rolls. Because of this, you'll either have to get creative with how you buy your pieces and seam multiple together, or you'll end up purchasing more than needed and cutting to the size of your space. For most projects, it's estimated that there will be at least 10% of waste material. 

Maintain a Single Blade Direction

You'll want to make sure that when you're calculating the artificial turf roll size all of the artificial grass will be facing in the same direction in every area. Artificial turf has a vivid blade direction and will look patchy if you don't pay attention to this. 

Order Extra Synthetic Turf to Account for Error

Often to the naked eye, you can look at spaces and assume they're perfectly rectangular. In actuality, the corners often do not create a perfect 90-degree angle. Adding 1 foot to each end of your measurements will help ensure that you're in the clear for any measurement mishaps or awkward angles. 

Note: Cutting compact turf or sports turf with a 5mm pad is tricky. In this scenario, cut the rolls approximately, lay them down, and only then make the exact cut. This will help guarantee a clean straight line in long runs of sports turf.

Assume That Rolls Will Be Shorter in Width by About 6"

During the turf manufacturing process, we usually find that one side of the roll is smashed a bit more than the rest. For professional installations, we cut away about 5 stitches from the sides to seam invisibly. If you connect the rolls as-is, you will have a strong shadow effect - which creates a visible line. If your roll is 15 ft. wide, assume that it is 14.5 ft. wide during your calculations.

Best roll cut principles

What Turf ROLL LENGTHS are Most Optimal for Delivery?

While many don't consider hauling and delivery when calculating roll lengths, it's something to keep in mind. Most suppliers will drop the turf curbside, and it will be your responsibility to haul the artificial grass onto your property from there. The optimal roll length will depend on the type of project:

Indoor Areas, Balconies, or Rooftops

In these scenarios, we recommend keeping the artificial grass rolls under 20 ft. in length. While this may require more seaming in the long run, it will make carrying the turf through the home much easier. With larger turf rolls, you'll have trouble carrying them upstairs, through doorways, and may end up with damage to walls and shelving.

In most cases, we will even cut them in half in terms of width so they're not as wide while they're carried through the residence. We'd also recommend somehow wrapping the turf with a protective cover prior to carrying it through the home. 

Outdoor Artificial Grass Projects

Outdoor projects are easier in terms of hauling turf rolls. However, a roll that is over 50 ft in length may not fit into a typical 36-inch door opening. Often backyard gates are even more narrow than this when you factor in the poles and the door itself.  Measure your access entrance prior to ordering the material to ensure this isn't a problem you will run into.

Longer pieces are also usually more difficult to seam together, especially when the surface is not fully flat. For these reasons, we tend to stay under 50 ft. in length whenever possible. 

How do I Calculate Artificial Turf ROLL LENGTHS for my Project?

We cannot be responsible for deciding how much turf you need. Often when you buy artificial grass, the purchase is non-refundable and suppliers and sellers can't advise on how much is needed. You'll rely on your measurements and calculations which is why it's important to measure your space multiple times.

Below we will list some typical cases and explain how we would order material to install artificial grass in the easiest and most efficient way! 

  • 15x28'  Patio - Order two rolls of 16x15 and seam them together. 
  • 5x12' Balcony - Order one 6x15 roll and cut to size, no seams required. 
  • 22x13' Patio - Order one 23x15 roll, we'd recommend cutting it in half for hauling. 
  • 75x5' Sports Run - Because sports turf is typically 12 ft. wide, we would purchase a roll of 12x38'. Cut it in half and seam it together to make it longer. 

Hauling Tips and Tricks for DIY Artificial Grass Installation Indoors

  • Man invented wheels, use them to your advantage! You can purchase or rent a cart to help move the artificial grass. There are also carts that are made to help move cargo upstairs if that's something you'll be dealing with. This will save your back, hours of free time, and walls.
  • Remove the rigid paper insert, roll the turf back extending it in length, and reduce the diameter. This will allow you to bend the roll and move through tight corners.
  • Cut the turf roll in half along with stitches. It's much simpler to carry when it's not as wide. Before you do that, use a marker to draw lines across the material, so you can reconnect it easier during installation. 

Hauling Tips and Tricks for DIY Artificial Grass Installation Outdoors

  • Use a cart. We can't stress enough how much easier it is to transport on wheels. 
  • Use wheelbarrows. Every gardener has at least one. When placed in the middle, you can move a large roll by shifting the center of mass. The wheel barrel will lean to the front and will start moving with a push.
  • Cut turf as needed in front of the garage and haul smaller pieces.

Our biggest recommendation: Hire professional movers or turf installers. We do not recommend hauling heavy materials on your own. Turf is very heavy and can cause injury. If you decide to DIY, be careful! Pay attention to how you're lifting to prevent injuries. 

Not sure if all the work is worth the risk? Request an estimate for a professional installation below!

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How is Artificial Grass Delivered?

Artificial grass is usually delivered on a flatbed truck such as F450. A driver will push the roll off the side. The turf roll will fall on the ground curbside next to the vehicle. This is as much assistance as you'll receive during drop-off. 

Alone, a driver will not be able to move the roll. If the roll is shorter than 30 ft, the driver can possibly roll it a few ft near the driveway. However, this is pretty much as good as it gets. Bottom line is, if you're buying artificial grass yourself for a DIY turf installation, be prepared to haul it yourself. 

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