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Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass

Learn the benefits of opting for artificial grass installation in Los Angeles residential neighborhoods and other spaces. Hear why more and more homeowners are making the switch. Discover the environmental, financial, and recreational advantages of starting your project today.

Artificial Grass Recycling

Install Artificial proudly uses artificial grass in all of our installation projects. Our artificial grass materials are made here in the U.S.A, and our office is located in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. We use high-quality raw materials, antimicrobial protectants, and ultraviolet inhibitors to make sure that your turf is kept clean and maintains its beautiful, green appearance for years. So why should you opt for artificial grass installation?

Reduced Water Usage

One of the main benefits of installing artificial grass is that it will reduce your water usage. Here in California, water conservation is especially important to help prevent future droughts and homeowners are constantly looking for different ways to reduce water use. With artificial grass, it will require less water to maintain the appearance of the turf. Since water is a limited resource, its sustainability is becoming more important and this makes water conservation at any level crucial and beneficial.


We strive to be environmentally friendly. We use raw materials in the turf manufacturing process that will reduce or eliminate any negative impact on the environment. On top of using raw materials, recycling is also important to the manufacturing and installation process. Recycling reduces landfill waste and the consumption of our natural resources. This helps to maintain sustainability as a company. When landscaping with artificial grass, you will no longer worry about the dangers that pesticides have on you, your family, your employees, or the environment!

Saves Money

Your water bill will be heavily reduced as you only have to water down the turf every so often, as opposed to regularly watering your natural grass to keep it looking decent. This can additionally help reduce energy usage. The most obvious way it will help your wallet though, is that you no longer have the need to mow and upkeep your lawn. Your landscaping costs will decrease, whether you’re maintaining your lawn yourself or hiring landscapers. To get a better idea of the initial investment, request a free estimate below!

Provides Natural Looks

Our artificial grass uses a technology that protects the turf from sun exposure. When the sunlight directly hits the grass, the guard technology scatters the rays making the grass look more natural. The technology achieves this by making the grass appear less shiny, and therefore more realistic. While the sun will still warm up the turf, it does not get as warm as it would if rubber infills were used. Rubber infills cause the grass to heat up to temperatures that can be potentially harmful when touched. For this reason, we do not use crumb rubber infills. 

So Why Choose Install Artificial? 

  • We Meet Your Preferences: Install Artificial works with homeowners, contractors, and business owners alike to provide their home or office building with a natural-looking and easy to care for option for their landscaping needs. Since we are not just limited to home or commercial landscaping, we can provide more options for our customers. Our process is heavily focused on the satisfaction of our clients, and this means we are willing to work with you every step of the way. 

  • Transparent Pricing: A big positive when working with Install Artificial that you don’t get from most other companies is transparent pricing. We offer fair market prices to make you feel confident about partnering with us. We give you full control of payments and offer an explicit and clear warranty agreement. Our service is of high quality every time, or we redo it. We’re on time and keep your quote locked in after the agreement is signed. If you ever need assistance, we’re just a phone call, text, or email away.

  • Advanced Technology: In addition to the above benefits, an advantage of installing artificial grass with Install Artificial, is that we use antimicrobial technology in our turf and infill. This is extremely important to reduce the possibility of the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew in your lawn. Using products with this technology keeps the yard cleaner and reduces bad odors that will potentially develop. Infill is important because it keeps the area secure. Our infill is non-absorbent to prevent odor and bacterial growth. It’s highly rounded, which means it won’t compact and lose shape over time. The infill we use provides your landscape with a cooler surface and is also non-flammable, which can be extremely important for homes and offices that are near areas prone to forest fires. Also, an added bonus is that infill is recyclable and can be used again in later projects if desired.

Artificial grass is a beautiful option for your home or office as it is always green and is very natural-looking. Your lawn will no longer be patchy, have discoloration, or produce any strong odors from pet usage. We are committed to pursuing sustainable options in our manufacturing process, further caring for the environment and our customers. Request an estimate today, let’s do this.