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Pet Turf Systems Explained

At Install Artificial, we know that every project is different. Some of our clients require full pet turf systems, while others just want an added layer of protection. To meet your specific budget and needs, we offer a few different pet-friendly add ons to keep your artificial lawn looking freshly installed for years to come! Keep reading to find the best ground covering for dog potty areas! 

Artificial Grass Recycling

Occasional Pet Use

The first and the most affordable is artificial grass designed for occasional pet usage - under close supervision. In this situation, we apply a layer of turf deodorizer under the surface of the turf and then nail the turf down around the perimeter and throughout the lawn. Turf deodorizer takes care of occasional exposure to urine and is a great cost-effective option. For areas that are heavily used for pet relief, this is not recommended.

Pet Turf System

The second option is for more frequent use, while still under close supervision. With a pet turf system, we still use nails to secure the turf but there are a few added steps. We lay down a layer of drain core underneath the surface to assist in the proper flushing of urine and bacteria. We then apply turf deodorizer beneath the artificial grass and use an antibacterial infill on top of the surface as well. For a more detailed article about how pet turf is installed click here

pet turf cost calculator

Nail-Free Installation

For areas with safety requirements, we also offer nail-free installations. For the well-being of your pets, we cannot use nails in spaces where dogs are left unattended. In this case, we install a frame around the perimeter of the surface and stretch and staple the turf to the frame. Nail-free pet systems usually become more costly, but provide added protection. 

Learn how dogs can damage artificial grass and more about how to keep your artificial lawn pet-friendly! 

Frame installation for pet-friendly artificial grass

Wash System Installation

And finally, for heavily used areas we build a fully automatic wash system in addition to the other add ons. These projects are typically custom and require additional attention. Places where this is needed are usually hotels, pet facilities, and public spaces. 

We hope this article helps you better understand your options, and allows you to choose the right system for you and your pets. As always, we're here for any additional questions. Request an estimate today!