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The Best Artificial Grass Materials for Pet Owners

At InstallArtificial, we offer pet-friendly materials for you to choose from when you install artificial grass in your space. These will help maintain the integrity of your installation even when your pets are using the area for relief. Learn your options below!

Artificial Grass Recycling

Turf Deodorizer

This is the most common base preparation when it comes to k9 turf systems. After the class II road base is compacted, a layer is applied on top of the base, right underneath the surface of your pet turf system to prevent the buildup of odor. Turf deodorizer can also be applied as an infill for the relief areas with heavy use.

Drainage System

We always recommend that pet owners have advanced drainage, ventilation, and wash systems installed. This will provide you with the easiest solution. The extra drainage will make sure urine gets properly flushed from underneath the surface of your turf, reducing smells. The ventilation and wash systems also greatly reduce any odors that may occur from regular pet usage.

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Antibacterial Sand Infill

This infill is built to fight bacteria and allow air to penetrate. Its antimicrobial properties are great for long-term bacteria growth prevention. It also has round granules that are non-abrasive making it more ideal for pets. 

Remember to rinse your lawn at least once a week to reduce odor and damage to turf. If there is an odor that you can’t seem to get rid of, mix equal parts vinegar and water and apply to the affected areas. For heavier cleanings, get in touch with us and we'll send out a crew. 

If you’re looking for a new lawn for you and your pet that's easy to maintain, please contact us today by requesting an estimate below! We are looking forward to working with you and your furry friend.

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