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Can Dogs Damage Artificial Turf?

Artificial grass is known for providing a durable and long-lasting alternative to natural grass, but can it hold up to the terror of your furry friend? Understand how owning a dog can affect your backyard turf installation project.  

Artificial Grass Recycling

Giving up your natural grass for an artificial lawn? Worried about how it will hold up to your pets? Your dogs can take a toll on natural grass. Constant paw traffic, puddles, and bare spots can make natural lawns less desirable and attractive over time. Urine may also be discoloring and killing your natural lawn. 

But artificial turf is an excellent solution! The fibers of artificial lawns are specially designed to resist wear and tear and remain long-lasting. For families with dogs, we'd recommend opting for a shorter more traffic-resistant grass. These types of grass will be much easier to keep clean over time. You can still have a pet-friendly space with plush and pliable turf, but keep in mind this will take longer to clean and may require more maintenance to remain upright.

Check out our article about the best artificial grass materials for pet owners here and keep reading below to learn how artificial turf holds up in different scenarios! 

Pet Relief

Artificial grass is a great alternative for those who have dogs because it is resilient to pet and human activity. In fact, it’s common knowledge that dogs love it. The only downside is that artificial grass doesn’t decompose waste matter, which can lead to bad odors and mold if not properly cared for. You must flush out and sanitize pet turf regularly to prevent this from occurring.

For the best drainage and ventilation results, we'd recommend installing a drainage membrane, (pictured below), beneath the surface to allow for quicker water flow during cleaning. There are also antibacterial sand infills and turf deodorizers that are typically added to pet turf systems to keep the space odor and bacteria-free. 

Reference our Pet Turf Systems Explained article to learn more about the different options! 

air drain used to ventilate pet turf systems


Artificial grass is great to combat digging dogs because of how durable the material is. The blades of artificial grass are made with nylon/polypropylene fibers that are resistant to even the most industrious dog. If your pup continues to try digging, they more than likely won’t be able to damage or puncture the turf.

If installed correctly, synthetic lawn installations will most likely be too durable for dogs to damage by digging. For best results in securing the turf, make sure your installers are using non-galvanized nails. 

For an added layer of protection in pet turf systems, manufacturers recommend opting for a nail-free installation. We achieve this by installing a frame made of either treated wood or plastic around the perimeter of the base and stretch and stapling the artificial grass to the frame. This will ensure that the grass won't begin to lift on the edges under the circumstances.

pet turf cost calculator


Artificial grass is perfect for dogs at play! Although constant foot traffic may cause the blades to lay over years, that's nothing a good brushing can't fix! Artificial pet turf will spring back to its upright position when raked through. Turf is resilient and long-lasting, you can finally play fetch and run around with your pups without worrying about creating bald spots in your lawn. 

As you can see, as long as you purchase pet-friendly turf add ons and rinse with a sanitizing agent your artificial lawn will last for years for both you and your pets. Ready to provide and clean place for your pets to play on while simultaneously raising your home's property value? Contact us today by requesting a custom estimate below to get started!