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Choosing the Right Materials For Playground Turf Installation

Installing playground turf whether it be at a school, playground, or your own backyard is an excellent addition. It can also be a little overwhelming to explore all of the options we provide, so we're here to help better understand what’s most important for your specific project.


Artificial Grass RecyclingGrass Materials

The first thing to consider is the type of artificial grass you want. Our recommendations vary based on what kind of project we're completing. What's important to one client, may not be a factor at all to another. Below we'll walk you through a few options and talk about when they're typically desired.

Long Soft Blades

It's beneficial and recommended to choose grass that's soft and plush, making it safer for children to run around. A softer blade will be less abrasive on their skin and will help cushion any falls. This type of grass is also comparable to natural grass, so it's usually favored by children. However, note that soft grasses tend to have longer blades, which can make them a little harder to clean.

Short Durable Blades

You can also opt for turf with short blades. These tend to be stiffer, but are a lot easier to clean and maintain. They are also more durable which means that they’ll last longer. Short blade playground turf is a great option for commercial play areas, such as a school or daycare. They are also preferred in homes with families that have pets because the need for cleaning is much more frequent. To learn more about the different grasses we offer and their pricing, request a free estimate below!

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Built-In Padding 

An alternative is choosing turf that has a padding system built into the backing. This is a great option for someone who just wants a quick and easy installation process. It's also beneficial for people who are looking for extra padding. For example, we can add a padding system under the surface and install the grass with built-in padding on top. 

Padding Systems

Especially if you’re installing playground turf in a commercial or public space, we recommend applying padding under the grass for an added layer of protection. When play equipment is involved, the shock absorption that padding systems offer will give you peace of mind as your children exercise. Wouldn't you much rather them fall on padded grass than sand or pebbles? We offer different systems so the level of padding is completely up to you. 

5 mm Pad

This option is great for adding additional cushion and a soft feel to artificial turf surfaces. This pad is mostly installed in residential backyards because it won't provide as much shock absorbency with higher fall heights as our other padding systems.

Regular Pad (25 & 50 mm)

This is the most commonly used panel because it provides superior drainage and the impact absorption that's necessary for safe outdoor and indoor play areas. This pad is available in both 25 and 50 mm thickness for added customization. It's also made from 100% recycled materials, which help you obtain LEED® Credit for your projects.

smart padding system in backyard artificial playground turf for kids

Advanced Pad

This padding system includes interlocking pads that are 50 mm thick. It provides the best drainage, consistency, and performance. This option is ideal for commercial playgrounds and public spaces. It's designed to exceed safety requirements and can be used with playground equipment up to 10 ft. fall.  

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Infill is necessary for most artificial grass installation projects for a few reasons. It weighs down the turf after installation to keep it from lifting and wrinkling over time. Also, it helps the blades remain upright with foot traffic. Especially in spaces with children and pets playing, it's important to maintain a clean and bacteria-free surface.

Antibacterial Sand

Antibacterial sand is plastic-coated sand that we offer as an infill. Its granules are round rather than sharp, which allows for better turf ventilation. It's also ideal for children because it won't be abrasive to their skin. Bacteria growth is restrained by the antibacterial coating. Homeowners also select it to maintain a cooler surface temperature.

There you have it, our recommendations when choosing the materials for your playground turf system. As always, we're here to help you design a space that accommodates your preferences and budget. To get an idea of the price, request an estimate with us today! 

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