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Sports Turf Technology: Shock Pads

The technology and materials used for sports turf have transformed immensely over the years. Because of added safety requirements with sports turf, choosing experienced installers has never been more vital. Hear how advanced technology and experienced crews go hand in hand in delivering a safe space for athletes.

Artificial Grass Recycling

Synthetic turf fields have become sophisticated systems, no longer just sand and rubber on top of a rock base. Each component must work in harmony. You can’t simply use any turf, with any infill, over any shock pad. During our partnership, we do everything we can to make the process of selection and project execution simple for you and your athletes. Quality is important to us, and we know that our clients are looking for the same.

What Are Shock Pads?

Shock pads are a type of padding installed between the sub-base layer and the artificial turf itself. They can be made of a number of different materials including foam, rubber, and beads. Shock pads provide protection from high-intensity impacts caused by either an athlete or equipment used during play such as cleats. These underlayments can be necessary in both indoor facilities and sports fields. 

Why Are Shock Pads Important?

It’s crucial to us that risk be minimized starting at the design process and extending all the way to the completion of the project. Nothing adds more risk than installing sports turf on top of a low-quality shock pad. Cutting corners and using cheap materials on the base layer can result in a costly repair. Or even worse, cause severe injury to the athletes playing on your field. 

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Other Benefits

  • Creates smooth and uniform fields
  • Allows the field to be more customizable
  • Increases the lifespan of the sports turf itself
  • Can be recycled and used for more than one install

We use shock pad systems specifically designed for artificial sport turf fields. Our options were developed by a qualified team of sports field designers, athletic directors, engineers, contractors, biomechanics scientists, and sports science laboratories. Every day we research safer materials to achieve the best possible field experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about sports turf on fields, or even in your backyard, give us a call or request a custom estimate below!

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