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Who is Responsible for Injuries on the Job Site?

Injuries happen, that's life. It's the reason worker’s compensation programs are mandatory and expensive. Have you seen those attorney billboards that read: “Injured? I will give them hell!” Well, guess what...They are talking about giving you hell, an unprotected homeowner. 

Disclaimer: *Please do not solely rely on the information in this article, as we are not attorneys. All information presented here is taken from the internet and our personal experiences.*

Protect Yourself

When a finger is smashed by a hammer or a foot is punctured with a nail, another negotiation begins. It is often an ugly one. While it is a cost of a new car to one homeowner, to another it could be college tuition or a future for their child. Never underestimate what people may do when money is their motivation. 

So what happens in a scenario where a worker gets injured on your property? Did you know that in California, homeowners are actually responsible for injuries on the job site? This might sound scary....Because it is. Some contractors prey on homeowners because they are the ultimate employer. They see a nice house and an opportunity to use it as collateral. 

Check For Proof Of Insurance

It’s very important that workers you hire for your project are covered by worker’s compensation and general liability insurance policies. Always ask contractors for proof of insurance before moving forward with any projects. You can also verify current insurance policies online at CSLB. If the contractor brushes your question off or acts shady, ask for the license and double-check the information online. All valid insurance policies will be listed under the license.

If your contractor doesn’t have worker’s compensation insurance and a worker gets injured, this can be very financially troubling for the homeowner. They may be asked to compensate the injured workers until they are able to work again. This can be up to thousands of dollars a month, depending on the injury and brutality of the lawyers. 

Why Choose Us?

At Install Artificial, we provide our homeowners with peace of mind. We have worker’s compensation, general liability, and commercial truck insurance. We also have other policies in place that help us, our clients, and our workers safely get the job done. Our insurance is sufficient to operate on residential and commercial projects. On top of that, our crews follow safety procedures to keep construction sites safe. We take it very seriously. All new hires are additionally protected by the hiring agency they originate from.

Please be aware that there are scammers who get hired to get injured. After you look more into this, you will see that these cases happen often and there is little protection for homeowners against it. Always ask for a license and proof of insurance to protect your home!

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