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Artificial Turf In Indoor Athletic Facilities

Learn why more and more people are opting for sports turf installation in health clubs, gyms, and sports facilities. Hear the benefits of installing artificial grass in indoor spaces.

Artificial Turf in indoor athletic facilities

The benefits of artificial grass for outdoor spaces such as backyards and sports fields are well-known. The enhanced aesthetic appeal and improved durability make it an ideal solution. The trend for use in health clubs and athletic facilities is increasing as customers are becoming more interested in the benefits of the product. So what are the benefits of installing sports turf in indoor facilities?


Whether it’s a batting cage, a conditioning gym, or an athletic field, any type of indoor sports facility will benefit from the unique features that sports turf offers. The durable blades not only withstand high foot traffic but also stand up to wear and tear. Synthetic grass products are designed with a high standard for durability and resistance to matting over time after heavy use. High-quality turf materials also won't develop discoloration or tears from use.


Artificial Sports Turf is versatile and can be utilized for many recreational activities. It can help athletes maintain their natural rhythm during training, and provides a consistent surface that allows proper footing making workouts more efficient.

  • Grass is ideal for pulling sleds and CrossFit workouts.
  • The flat cushioned surface is perfect for floor exercise and stretching.
  • Great for agility and speed training because the surface provides shock absorption relieving stress on joints.
  • Gym flooring maximizes sound absorption, which makes it ideal for weight lifting and high-intensity workouts. The artificial grass is perfect for minimizing the clinking and clanking of weights in the gym and its durability ensures it can withstand heavy use and won't get damaged.

Simple Maintenance

Synthetic turf is a perfect alternative for any gymnasium or fitness center. The material never needs watering or sunlight to upkeep its beauty and can be maintained with a very simple routine. A quick sanitizing and occasional brushing to keep the blades upright will keep the installation looking new for years! Sounds nice, doesn't it? Ready to get started? Request a free custom estimate below!


Artificial turf enhances the look of any space. It's green and fresh at all times. Opting for installation is a great way to give a gym a modern, unique appearance. With over 100 different styles and colors to choose from, customization is at the tip of your fingers. Some places take this opportunity to add their logo to stick out in a crowd.

Gym turf custom versatile tailored


Sports turf is an extremely protective material that often includes a layer of shock-absorbent foam. This non-abrasive surface is optimal for athletics and provides the traction needed to prevent serious injuries. Artificial turf can be installed with an antimicrobial infill that creates a barrier from germs and harmful bacteria, which is a common concern for athletic facilities.

As you can see, sports turf provides athletes and gym-goers a safe and clean surface on which they can perform many recreational activities. At InstallArtificial, we've installed sports turf both indoors and outdoors, and it's always a hit. When you're ready to make the switch, request an estimate below!