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Maintenance Tips For Sports Turf

So you've chosen to install artificial sports turf in your facility or field. At this point, I'm sure you're loving the benefits. Discover a few ways to ensure consistent maintenance is completed in a timely manner to keep the field safe for the athletes playing on it.

Artificial Grass Recycling

While sports turf requires a lot less maintenance than natural grass, installing artificial grass doesn't eliminate all maintenance responsibilities. There are still a few key steps when prolonging the lifespan of a synthetic sports field. Because there are more safety guidelines in areas with recreation, it's vital to dedicate time and have a system in place for consistent upkeep. The following tips will assist you in preserving the quality installation for years!

Manage Your Time

The biggest tip we have is to adequately plan and manage your time. Regular maintenance of the sports turf is vital to the safety of athletes playing on it. Ensure that fields and gyms are examined before games to provide peace of mind to your players. Schedule cleaning and repairs ahead of time so that they don't overlap with any other commitments. 

Know Game Day and Practice Schedules

This is important because the same way you want to make sure the field or gym is safe during gameplay, it needs to be safe during practice as well. The tools necessary for proper maintenance can become a safety hazard to practicing players if you're both on the field at the same time. Being aware of the schedule also ensures that your turf looks great on each game day. A little additional cleaning and maintenance will leave your sports turf looking like new and intimidate other teams.

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Don’t Cut Corners 

All of the steps when maintaining a sports turf field are important. If the infill isn’t regularly evened out, an athlete can lose their footing and injure themselves. If the field isn’t properly flushed with a cleaning solution, athletes run the risk of developing illnesses from bacteria build-up. Whether it be blood, sweat, or vomit - regular sanitation is necessary. 

Keep the Turf Cool on Hot Days

All that’s needed is a hose! Turf can heat up so much that it becomes uncomfortable to practice on. In extreme cases, this can even cause minor burns. Hosing the surface down will prevent injuries and overheating!

Although there's still some maintenance required with sports turf, it cuts labor and costs so much that it's worth it for our clients. If you're in the market for commercial sports turf, or even a backyard recreational space for your family, choose InstallArtificial! Request an estimate today.

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