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Professional Tools Used For Installation

Understand what professional tools will be needed for a quality artificial turf installation project. Learn the commercial grade tools we use at InstallArtificial, and how it affects the installation process and the lifespan of your turf. 

When choosing a crew to come and install turf in your space, you want to be provided peace of mind that they're working with professional tools to get the job done right. The list below are the tools we use at InstallArtificial to aid us in ensuring your project is high quality and the grass is secure. You can also reference this list when speaking with other installation companies to double-check that they're using professional equipment.

Carpet Cutters 

In order to provide accurate smooth cuts, we need to use sharp heavy-duty scissors. If the installer is using regular scissors, the turf edges will be jagged and misshapen. This affects not only the look of your installation but can also cause hiccups during the seaming process. 

Electric Wheelbarrow

A motored wheelbarrow that doesn't require strength to move.  It can also carry more weight than a traditional wheelbarrow. This tool helps reduce worker injury and fatigue while also increasing the speed of installation.

Plate Compactor

We use a plate compactor machine to compact the area after soil removal. It's a machine that uses vibration to reduce and smooth hard-packed soil by moving a flat metal plate against the ground in circular motions until the ground beneath is finely compact. Make sure that your crew is using a professional compactor during base preparation. If they try to compact with their hands they won't achieve the desired results and over time the surface will become bumpy. Without effective compacting, wrinkles will also begin to develop.

plate compactor to compact base during artificial grass installation

Power Broom

This broom is used to brush the surface of your turf. It features stiff bristles that spin on a rotating barrel and brush through each individual blade of grass. When used, it fluffs the synthetic blades and brings them back to their original upright position. This is also helpful in distributing infill evenly throughout the grass allowing it to look and perform its best. 

power brushing grass blades after artificial turf installation in backyard.

Professional Carpet Stretcher

We use carpet stretchers instead of carpet kickers. In our experience, a carpet stretcher is needed to really secure the installation and ensure wrinkle prevention. The carpet stretchers pull the turf in multiple directions at once with great force. This is not something that can be achieved through stretching by hand. 

Water Roller

Water rollers are used to smooth the surface of a putting green. It's also used to increase the ball speed. It's a cylindrical drum filled with water that's rolled across the surface to flatten it. What's ideal about water rollers, is you can add or remove water depending on where you want the ball speed. This tool allows us to fully customize our artificial putting green installations.

We use these during every installation. Whether it's a 300 sq. ft. project or 2,000 we guarantee commercial tools are used to produce a quality long-lasting lawn. If you have any unanswered questions, give us a call or request an estimate below!

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