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Why is Artificial Grass so Popular?

Discover why artificial grass installation in residential neighborhoods and commercial spaces is becoming very common. Learn the advantages of transitioning your lawn from natural grass to synthetic, and decide if this is something you're interested in. 

Artificial Grass Recycling

Whether you’re looking to create a safe space for children to play, an outdoor area to entertain guests, or a lawn that’s pet-friendly, artificial grass is an excellent choice. The uniformity of a green plush lawn is typically unattainable with natural grass. But why else are commercial businesses and homeowners making the switch? There is a myriad of reasons why our clients choose artificial turf, but these are the most common:

Reduced Labor Maintenance

The reason we’ve heard most often from our clients is the reduced maintenance that goes into caring for artificial grass. You’ll no longer need to spend time mowing your lawn, sprinkling grass seed, or weeding. Artificial grass still requires some maintenance to stay looking freshly installed, but not nearly as much as natural grass.

Saves Money

You’ll also be saving a lot of money with artificial grass in comparison to natural grass. You’ll use less water, something that is especially important to Californians with the constant threat of drought. You’ll also no longer need a gardener for lawn care. You could potentially save hundreds - maybe thousands of dollars each year when you make the switch to artificial grass. To receive a custom estimate for your specific project, request an estimate below in 2 minutes or less!

Removes Allergens

Many people have grass allergies or have children with grass allergies. An artificial lawn will still give the look and feel of natural grass without the allergens, meaning you and your family can enjoy more time outside.


Dogs love artificial grass. It provides them with a clean space to play, but more importantly a place to go to the bathroom. Your natural grass will no longer suffer from K9 urine. When opting for a complete pet turf system, you can install a drainage system that will keep the area fresh and remove odors. This also helps to keep the area clean because you can rinse the area with water and the drainage system flushes away any urine from underneath the surface. 

pet turf installation in backyard for dogs

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