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Eliminating Seasonal Allergies With Turf Installation

Spring and Summer are our favorite seasons, but we know they often bring seasonal allergies. With warmer weather, comes increased pollen counts. Learn how artificial grass can keep your seasonal allergies at bay this year! 

Artificial Grass Recycling

There are many known benefits to transitioning from a natural lawn to artificial grass. Water conservation, simpler lawn maintenance, and raised property value are a few of the most commonly known benefits. But what many don't know, is that synthetic grass even helps prevent allergies deriving from seasonal pollen! 

Grass allergies are common in people who suffer from hay fever. If you're one of them, you'll know the joys of having itchy eyes, runny noses, and coughing during the beautiful months of the year. Allergies are at an all-time high with nasal allergies effecting 50 million people in the United States alone. As many as 30% of adults and 40% of children are at risk.

While it may be impossible to avoid these allergens completely, you can significantly reduce your exposure to them. Artificial grass is a great alternative to natural grass for those of us who are allergic to grass and want to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of a manicured lawn.

The Difference Artificial Grass Provides

Hypoallergenic: Keeping your outdoor space pollen-free with artificial turf is a great way to limit your exposure to allergy-causing substances. Opting for an artificial lawn offers hypoallergenic grass for dogs and children! Artificial grass is created with materials that are allergen-free. It's not a magic solution, but it will keep your lawn free of pollen and thereby increase the distance between yourself and the allergens. This will also greatly reduce the amount of pollen being tracked into your home. 

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Lower Maintenance: One additional benefit of synthetic grass is that there is no need for mowing or trimming. This means that allergies and other respiratory illnesses are lessened because there will be no ground dust or airborne contaminants. Synthetic grass also eliminates the use of any herbicide chemicals, which may cause issues for people with sensitive immune systems.

Artificial Grass Provides Freshly Mowed Appearance Year-Round

Protects Pets: It’s not just your family that suffers from allergies, your pets do too! And they can be just as itchy and miserable from their allergies. The long-term effects of chemicals and pollen trapped in natural grass causes problems in dogs like clogged sinuses, inflamed skin, and violent scratching. By installing artificial grass you can protect both your pets and your family from these unpleasant symptoms.

If you’re one of the 50 million Americans that suffer from hay fever symptoms every spring, you may be interested in the benefits of artificial grass and landscaping. Turf is a cost-effective solution to preventing unwanted allergens.To find out more, contact InstallArtificial today or fill out the short contact form below to receive a free custom estimate.

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