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How Artificial Grass Prevents Insects and Rodents

Learn how installing artificial turf will prevent insects and rodents. Hear the benefits of removing natural grass and soil from your lawn. Decide if artificial turf installation is what your family needs!

Artificial Grass Recycling

While summer is typically everyone's favorite season, we know it brings bugs and pests and for many can become a dreaded time. Insects and pests will invade your yard and cause damage to plants while simultaneously being a nuisance to both the family and pets. Often, at certain times of the year homeowners are unable to enjoy their outdoor areas at all because of this inconvenience. 

Natural Grass vs. Pests

Natural grass lawns attract insects. They eat the grass, lay eggs, and make themselves at home on your lawn. Plants and flowers within landscaping also attract bugs because this is what they feed on. Also, many bugs thrive in natural grass because of the microbes and bacteria that soil carries. 

Natural grass also drains at a fairly slow rate. Typically, natural lawns will have dips in the ground and inconsistencies along the surface. Because of this, natural grass often has standing water on the surface for much longer. Standing water attracts pests such as mosquitoes. 

Benefits of Artificial Grass

There are many benefits to transitioning from natural grass to an artificial lawn. What many homeowners don't realize is that artificial grass does more than just save you money on lawn care. Keep reading to learn how turf installation keeps insects and pests out of your yard! 

Removes Food Supply

Installing artificial turf can help reduce your pest problem. Artificial turf helps deter pests because they cannot eat fake grass. Insects are naturally drawn to plants and soil, so without food, they will leave your area in search of food elsewhere.

Reduces Standing Water 

The surface of artificial turf doesn't sag and settle over time as natural grass does. During installation, the area will be leveled removing dips in the surface where water collects. It also provides far better drainage than soil so you won't run into any standing water on the surface. This prevents mosquitoes and other insects from using your lawn as a breeding ground. 

Provides Unattractive Environment for Insects

Artificial turf is an aesthetically pleasing option for a pest-free environment. Dirt can be a breeding ground for creatures of all kinds. Artificial turf will take the soil out of the equation for many insects who lay eggs there, which will help them relocate. Artificial turf also retains heat better than natural grass, meaning that it will stay warm long after the sun goes down. For many insects, this environment is too warm. 

Protects Against Larger Pests

Synthetic turf is a great way to keep those pesky pests such as rabbits, armadillos, and squirrels from destroying your lawn. They're typically drawn to natural grasses and will graze on them, but with synthetic turf they can't do so and so they'll stay out of your yard. Gopher mesh can also be installed beneath turf preventing any gophers from digging into your yard.

Artificial grass even protects your lawn when it comes to pets digging holes. Most high-quality artificial grasses feature strong and durable double-backing, so dogs won't be able to puncture the surface. For best results, install a frame around the perimeter and attach turf to the frame to eliminate the use of nails, this will deter even the most adventurous pups

Make the Switch to a Synthetic Lawn

Installing artificial turf is a great way to have more control over the appearance and conditions of your lawn. And you now know how it can provide pest control as well as other benefits. If you’re sick of insects and pests making things uncomfortable all summer, installing artificial turf is an easy way to have a green lawn all year round. Request an estimate for installation or purchase materials below to get your project started! 


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