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What's the Price of Artificial Grass in Las Vegas?

Learn how much artificial grass in Las Vegas costs and what factors affect pricing. 

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Cost of Artificial Grass Las Vegas

The cost of artificial turf materials in Las Vegas ranges from $1.35-$6.80 per sq. ft., while the cost of artificial turf installation in Las Vegas ranges from $7.95-$15 per sq. ft. (varying based on scope of work, size, and intended use). 

Check out our Best Artificial Grass installers in Las Vegas page to compare turf installers nearby. Keep scrolling to learn more about the factors that affect the cost of artificial turf materials in Las Vegas!

Amount of Turf Ordered

Artificial grass is a great way to save money on your landscaping projects! You can often find discounts and deals on larger quantities of artificial grass, so it's worth considering buying in bulk for your next few DIY projects. Keep an eye out for special offers from suppliers - you may be able to save even more money by taking advantage of their deals!

Weight & Density

Artificial grass is a great way to have a beautiful lawn without all the hassle of natural grass. However, one thing to consider before making your purchase is the weight of the artificial turf. In general, the heavier the turf, the more it will cost. This is because denser turf requires more material. Heavyweight and plush artificial grass are usually the most popular choices because they provide a soft, cushioned surface. However, in turf areas where pets are present or frequent cleaning is required, lighter-weight turf may be preferable for easier maintenance and quicker drainage.

Pile Height

Pile height is an important consideration when selecting artificial turf, as it will affect both the overall price and the feel of the grass. A taller piles will result in a more luxurious feel, but it also be more expensive and require more maintenance. For high-traffic areas, a shorter piles may be a better option in the long run and provide more resistance to matting.

Intended Use

The cost of installing artificial grass will depend on the intended use. For example, a more durable turf may be required for pets, one that's 100% permeable for accelerated drainage. In addition, the turf should be manufactured with antimicrobial technologies to help with bacteria prevention. All of these factors will raise the price. For the best results, pet turf systems may also require additional turf accessories such as drainage layers and antibacterial sand infill.

On the other end, artificial grass for events or temporary use can be found for much cheaper. If you're looking to buy artificial grass in Las Vegas that's not long term, you can find this type of ground cover for as little as $0.90/sq. ft. 


Artificial grass is available in a wide range of types, each designed to suit different needs. The type of synthetic turf blade structure you select will determine both the price and the performance. For example, turf made for high-traffic areas will be more expensive than turf which is more pliable and bends easily. Synthetic turf with a structured or ribbed blade will be more resistant to wear and tear and have a quicker recovery rate than grass with flat blades.

Use our Turf Lab on each product page to compare your favorites and find the best artificial grass for you! Each grass is tested in terms of recovery rate, wear and tear resistance, and more! 

As you can see, when it comes to the price of artificial grass in Las Vegas, there can be a big difference depending on what you're using it for. Before you start shopping for artificial turf, it's important to understand your needs and desired specifications. Not sure what you need? Click the button below to speak to one of our professionals. They'll be happy to help you with your purchase.

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