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Event Ground Cover Options: Elevate Your Celebration

Learn about the popular ground cover options for temporary events and event venues. See how these can elevate your venue and create a more visually appealing space. Compare the pros and cons of ground cover alternatives to increase revenue and client satisfaction during your next event!

Event Ground Cover Options for Venues

To remain competitive with other events and venues, you must keep up appearances for your guests. Not only is it important that your event space is appealing to the eye, but it should also provide functionality. The more universal your space is, the more bookings you'll attract. 

Whether you need ground covering for a temporary outdoor event, or you're looking for a long-term solution for an event venue, you have a few different options. Check them out below: 

Wooden Paver Tiles

Wooden pavers can be an excellent addition to your event venue. They're simple to install and the buildable interlocking tiles make them easy to use in conjunction with other ground covers. These wooden tiles can make an event space appear more high-end, and provide you with a solid surface for dancing, walking, and entertaining. 

Wooden paver tiles can become more tricky when installed over soil or areas where natural grass is. To remain intact long term, it will require proper base preparation to ensure there are no inconsistencies in the ground or weeds sprouting up over time. 

Wooden Paver Tiles for Event Venues

Carpet or Runners

Carpets and rugs have long been the traditional route for ground coverings at events, both indoor and outdoor. Due to the ease of installation and removal, this method is among the most popular. You'll also be able to find essentially any color or pattern you're in search of to match the aesthetic of your specific event.

However, often carpeting can look out of place or appear to be an afterthought in outdoor events. When laying carpet over soil or natural grass, the surface can become bumpy and create a trip hazard. Carpeting for events will also absorb liquids and stain easily, making it difficult to clean and reuse. Because wear and tear will show fairly quickly, this method is more ideal for temporary events rather than long-term use at venues.

Carpet Flooring for Events

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is an excellent choice for events. Because there are so many options out there, you can find the perfect color, density, and height to suit the needs of your venue space. Whether you need a short turf rug for a temporary event in a parking lot or a plush lawn for wedding venues, artificial grass can elevate your space. 

With affordable and premium options available, you're sure to find something that fits within your budget. Synthetic grass can be installed indoors and outdoors, and over concrete, soil, wood, and asphalt making it ideal in any scenario. There are also safety benefits, providing more cushion and shock absorption than natural grass and other ground cover options. 

The downfall of using artificial grass for celebrations and events is that if you're opting for a long-term permanent installation, it can be a larger initial investment than some of the other ground cover options. However, this investment pays for itself with minimal maintenance needs and long life spans. 

Artificial Turf Event Ground Cover

Hard Tile

Hard tile is best suited for permanent event venues where long-term durability is a priority. The installation process and maintenance requirements make it less practical for temporary ground coverings.

Hard Tile Ground Cover for Event Venues

Wood Chips or Mulch

Wood chips and mulch are low-cost ground cover alternatives for events. In some cases, this type of flooring can be on theme with the event being thrown and work perfectly. This is ideal for smaller events with lower foot traffic. Often when working with mulch as a ground cover, you'll want to use it in unison with other landscaping to make the event venue more aesthetically pleasing.

The downfall of mulch is that it likes to move around and can be hard to confine into certain areas. It sticks to shoes and clothing and can be annoying to pick up. Mulch may not provide a solid ground that's suitable for all footwear and events and will have to be replaced yearly.

Mulch ground covering for event venues

5 Reasons to Use Artificial Turf for Event Venues

1. Artificial Grass Offers a Flawless Landscape

The way the landscaping looks makes a lot of difference. It conveys that the property is well cared for, which clients will appreciate. Beautiful landscaping can easily make an event feel more special and elegant. There's nothing that can kill the mood more than patchy dying grass. High-quality artificial grass will also make photographs taken during the event look better. 

2. You'll see an Increase in Inquiries and Bookings

Great venues are all about detail and appearance, and the ground covering is no exception. Artificial turf installation for event spaces will give you flawless flooring that makes your venue really stand out. Plus, clients might be more likely to promote your venue if it looks beautiful and functions well in multiple scenarios.

3. Synthetic Turf Requires Little Maintenance

Artificial grass is easier to care for than live grass because it doesn't require the same needs for upkeep, such as water and mowing. Additionally, artificial grass is consistent and never grows, dies, or changes color. For the long lifespan of your turf, your venue will be flaunting beautifully green and lush blades of grass, no matter what season. Just a quick brushing and infill refresh occasionally and you're all set! 

4. Artificial Grass is Fire Resistant 

Artificial grass won't catch fire, which makes it a bit safer than natural grass or carpeting around tiki torches, fire pits, and other open flames. Note that artificial turf can melt from high temperatures though, so we'd recommend keeping fire pits and grills on hardscapes. Also, if there is an area damaged or melted, you can cut out the affected area and patch it with new artificial grass, making it easier to repair than a natural lawn. 

5. Can Be Used in Conjunction With Other Ground Covers

Artificial grass is very versatile. It can be cut to any size and live anywhere because it requires no sunlight to thrive, meaning you have full control of the design and customization of your event venue. With its uniform clean surface, carpet runners can be laid and pulled up with ease. Installing artificial grass in conjunction with hardscapes such as pavers or wooden tiles will also elevate not only the look of your venue but the functionality!

Frequently Asked Questions About Permanent and Temporary Ground Cover

What's better, used artificial turf or ground cover turf? 

Choosing ground cover artificial grass eliminates the need to consider used artificial grass, which may contain crumb rubber and fail to comply with the Proposition 65 regulations. Additionally, used grass may have accumulated contaminants over its lifespan. By opting for this modern and low-cost alternative, consumers can enjoy a clean and safe artificial grass solution that is among the best available for lawns.

What is the most inexpensive ground cover? 

Many think that mulch and pea gravel are the cheapest and easiest ground covers. While they may cost less initially, the require upkeep and replacement every few years. If the ground is not properly prepped for either of these ground covers, you'll end up spending even more down the line. For the best results, invest in a more aesthetically pleasing and long lasting ground cover such as artificial turf! 

What can I use to cover the floor for a party? 

For a more authentic and organic appearance as a temporary floor covering for your party, you might want to consider using faux turf. Not only does it mimic the look and feel of natural surfaces, but it can also be easily installed over any smooth and solid surface. The great thing about using turf protection rolls is that they don't require any adhesives, allowing you to create temporary layouts effortlessly if you have equipment to weigh it down.

What ground cover is best for a wedding? 

Artificial turf, stone, and hard tile will be best suited ground covers for weddings and other high end events. These surfaces offer a clean and level surface that are suited for heels and won't damage clothing. Decomposed granite, wood chips, and other ground cover options can cause dust and attach to clothing causing a mess. 

What is the description of Purchase Green's ground cover artificial lawn grass?

Purchase Green's Ground Cover Artificial Lawn Grass is a specifically designed solution for light traffic artificial grass applications, including hillsides and portable installations. This high-quality product offers a remarkable value, providing a fresh and vibrant green covering similar to brand new products, but at a price comparable to used artificial grass. It is an ideal choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking an attractive artificial lawn solution that requires minimal maintenance.

Featuring a spring bi-color grass with a combination of green and brown thatch, Ground Cover Artificial Lawn Grass offers a natural and realistic appearance. Unlike taller and thicker grasses, this particular variety remains cool in comparison, with temperatures typically reaching only 10% to 20% of the ambient temperature. This feature ensures a comfortable and safe experience, even during warmer weather.

Now that you know the possible ground cover options for both temporary events and event venues, you can make an educated decision about what will work best for your upcoming celebration! Check out our online synthetic turf store to order affordable turf for events! Need help with installation? Request a custom estimate in just a few seconds below.