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What's the Price of Artificial Grass in Carlsbad?

Learn how much artificial turf in Carlsbad costs and what factors affect pricing. 

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Cost of Artificial Grass Carlsbad

The cost of artificial turf materials in Carlsbad ranges from $1.25-$6.30 per sq. ft., while the cost of artificial turf installation in Carlsbad ranges from $8.50-$16.85 per sq. ft. (varying based on scope of work, size, and intended use). 

Keep scrolling to learn more about the factors that affect the cost of artificial turf materials in Carlsbad!

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Amount of Fake Turf Ordered

Are you eager to achieve your desired result without spending too much on fake grass? Then it's worth considering buying a large quantity - larger than 1,000 sq. ft. Not only will you benefit from preferential prices, but you won't need to pay any extra delivery fees either! For your next DIY turf project with artificial grass, carefully consider the cost-effectiveness of buying in bulk rather than smaller quantities.

Weight & Density of Synthetic Turf

The cost of artificial grass may vary depending on its weight. Heavier turf usually costs more due to needing a larger amount of materials. Plush and heavy versions are often selected because they provide a comfortable surface area. Alternatively, lighter-weight synthetics may be ideal for pet areas or places that need regular cleaning; this type of artificial lawn makes maintenance easier while allowing quicker drainage

Pile Height of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass blades come in different heights, which can have a major impact on cost. While opting for taller blades may give an inviting aesthetic look and feel, it comes with a higher price tag. Moreover, these longer grasses are more susceptible to matting or bending due to frequent foot traffic. For those who desire greater lifetime value and upkeep ease, shorter blades are the way to go. However, those opting for tall turf should also remember to brush them regularly so that their fibers remain upright.

Artificial Turf Intended Use 

When investing in artificial grass, it is important to be aware of both installation and usage costs. Pet turf systems tend to require additional accessories like drainage layers and antibacterial sand infill which can increase price point. It is essential that pet specific areas are fitted with turf that offers 100% permeability for rapid draining and composed of antimicrobial technologies to ensure bacteria prevention.

On the other end, if you need to buy artificial turf for temporary use such as an event, this type of faux grass ground cover can start at as little as $0.93/sq. ft. 

Durability of the Fake Grass Selected

When selecting synthetic grass, it is important to consider all aspects before making a decision. Achieving an optimal balance between cost and durability is essential for any customer. Typically, turf built for heavier use comes with a higher price tag, but it also often lasts longer as well. To make sure your artificial grass stands up to consistent use, you should opt for ribbed blades rather than flat ones; flat blades may appear softer on contact, however they won't stand up well to heavy foot traffic over time.

Check out the turf list to browse through popular artificial grasses on the market today. Use the turf lab on each page to learn more about how the stand up to a number of performance tests! 

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