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Trend Alert: Installing Turf between Concrete Slabs

Discover how customers are enhancing their property by installing turf between pavers and concrete slabs. Learn where this works best, and decide if this is the right installation method for your needs.

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Artificial grass installation is becoming more and more frequent, but most people have no idea how customizable the installation can be. Because it can be installed anywhere and doesn't have the same requirements as natural grass, consumers are becoming more creative with how they're implementing turf into their space. 

Turf can be used to accentuate your patio, deck, or pool with the addition of design elements. However, is not just for gardens or backyards. With different textures and colors, turf can be used to enhance nearly any space. It can be cut into strips or given curved edges, as long as you use a sharp knife and do so carefully. It’s this versatility that makes integrating the new material into existing yard designs possible!

What Are Turf Strips?

Turf stripes are strips of artificial grass installed in between concrete pavers or slabs. They can be installed to be completely flush with the concrete, or provide a fluffy overspill depending on the client's preferences. They can be installed in driveways, backyards, commercial spaces, and basically anywhere that concrete slabs are installed. Synthetic turf ribbons between pavers are a growing trend! 

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Benefits Of Turf Strips

  • Spruces Up Your Space: A subtle nuance of color and texture is created by this combination of materials. The hard stones make the backyard feel sophisticated while a delicate layer of grass offers simplicity in its softness. It's also a connected space with areas to explore, all of which blend together with the winding paths created by stone pavers that lead visitors through each area. 

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  • Simple Maintenance: Turf stripes between concrete slabs make backyards more inviting by adding design elements that are easy to maintain and care for. It's not only an aesthetically pleasing alternative, but it also looks great year-round without the need for time-consuming maintenance or worries about rogue weeds! 
  • Provides Better Drainage: With advanced technology and backing, artificial grass provides better drainage than natural grass. It will absorb water and reroute the drainage beneath the surface to give you a quicker drying space.

If you're looking to turn your drab driveway into a sophisticated eye-grabber, or simply install turf around existing pavers in your yard or commercial space, check out our portfolio here. When you're ready to learn more about how to lay pavers with grass between them, request a free estimate below! 

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