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Backyard Remodeling Ideas Los Angeles

See the ten most popular design elements for backyard makeovers in Los Angeles. Get ideas on the best way to transform your lawn and create a multifunctional space. Learn how to renovate your backyard on a budget! 

10 Popular Backyard Design Features in Los Angeles
Planning Your Backyard Makeover
Commonly Asked Questions About Backyard Remodeling

10 Popular Backyard Design Features in Los Angeles

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1. Artificial Grass Installation

One of the simplest ways to remodel a backyard in Los Angeles is by converting it to artificial grass. This will provide you with a plush and green lawn year-round with little maintenance requirements. No longer will you have to deal with muddy areas or dead grass! Artificial turf installation in conjunction with the other backyard design ideas mentioned in this article will provide you with a complete transformation. Because artificial turf is so customizable, you can create a backyard playground, build a synthetic putting green, and much more! 

Backyard remodel with artificial grass

2. Stepping Stones

Stepping stones are a simple way to immediately elevate the look of your backyard. Installing a stone pathway is fairly inexpensive, and can be an extension of your aesthetic with many stones to choose from. Pathways will create more depth within your lawn, and help guide foot traffic throughout your space. This also helps to prevent artificial grass matting by keeping guests from walking directly on the grass itself! 

Stepping Stone Installation

3. Water Features or Pool Installation

Adding a pool, pond, or fountain during your backyard renovation in Los Angeles is a great way to improve its appearance and make it more enjoyable, especially during the warmer months. These features can provide recreation and relaxation, and they necessarily don’t have to be expensive. Especially on a sunny day, there's nothing that makes a backyard more inviting than a pool and it's a great way to spend time with those most important to you. Consider this addition when shopping around for backyard makeover ideas! 

4. Backyard Paver Patio

We all know California has ideal weather, during your backyard renovation in Los Angeles adding a paver patio is the perfect way to create a hangout space to entertain or simply spend time with the family. During lawn renovation, many are looking to create an inviting space that lures guests in and offers comfort. Extending your patio space allows you to add more outdoor furniture, create a dining area, and even an outdoor kitchen if you so desire! 

Paver Patio with Artificial Turf Renovation

5. Install a deck

Outdoor flooring is an important part of any home. It adds beauty and value to your property. There are many different types of outdoor flooring available, each with its own benefits. A wooden or composite deck can give your outdoor space an entirely different feel from concrete. It can complement different architectural styles and work with the natural environment instead of against it. Providing your guests with a hardscape hangout space will also help keep foot traffic off your artificial lawn! 


6. Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces 

When remodeling a backyard in Los Angeles, an outdoor fire pit is a great way to enjoy your backyard all year round. In the summer, it provides warmth on cool evenings, and in the colder months, it gives you a reason to go outside and stay there. Models range from portable types that can be moved around within a yard to permanent pits made of brick, stone, or concrete. You can even design a fire pit that blends with existing or new hardscaping! 

Fire Pit Design Backyard

7. Backyard Lighting

When planning your backyard remodeling project, don't forget to choose the right lighting. Installing lights can brighten up your space and make it more inviting, so you can enjoy your backyard day and night. There are many different lighting options for backyards, so we suggest installing a few different types to always have the perfect light for any situation. Whether you're grilling in your outdoor kitchen or stargazing on a clear night, the right lighting can make all the difference.

Lighting Conduits for Backyard Remodel and Makeover

8. Build Planters or an Outdoor Garden

Simply adding plants, trees, flowers, or even a full backyard garden during lawn remodels will completely elevate your space. Natural landscaping will help keep balance when you're adding in additional hardscapes. Consider choosing plants and flowers that will reappear each year to remove the hassle of consistent upkeep. Aside from just creating a more visually appealing space, planting trees can offer more shade and protection from the elements. 


9. Install a Pergola or Gazebo

Adding a gazebo or pergola during your backyard makeover is a great way to create additional seating and shelter from the elements. Gazebos come in a variety of styles, so you can easily find one that fits your landscape design. Including a gazebo in your backyard remodel is also a great way to increase the value of your home.

10. Backyard Dog Run

Now that you're designing the backyard of your dreams, you'll want to make sure that it stays in good shape for years to come. A simple way to keep your dog from terrorizing the rest of the lawn is to provide them with their own sectioned-out enclosed space to play and use the restroom. Building a dog run with artificial turf in Los Angeles offers pups a clean, safe, and durable surface so you won't have to worry about what they're getting into. When considering different features during the planning stage of your backyard remodel, make sure to keep your furry friend in mind! 

Backyard Design Artifiical Dog Run

Planning your backyard makeover

After browsing through photo galleries in search of the best backyard design ideas in Los Angeles, you'll want to adequately plan prior to breaking ground on any renovation. Select your materials and allocate how much space each backyard design feature will take up. Failure to plan prior to beginning can result in many hiccups along the way and often does not produce the desired finished result.

There are landscape design apps available where you can create mock-ups to bring your vision to life. Understanding what your backyard makeover will look like prior to starting the work is very important because what you're imagining may not logistically work in your space. Backyard makeover contractors in Los Angeles will typically offer design services as well if you're having work done professionally. 

Design and Plan Backyard Remodel

Once you've completed your backyard design plan and gathered all the necessary materials, only then should you break ground and begin the work. We'd also recommend drafting your designs on the ground to ensure the measurements and spacing is to your liking! 

Commonly Asked Questions About Backyard REMODELING: 

How do I Renovate a Backyard on a Budget? 

There are plenty of ways to renovate your backyard without spending a fortune. By sticking to less expensive items and DIY projects, backyard updates can be easy on your wallet. For example, forego a custom outdoor kitchen in favor of a grill and outdoor dining set. Or try making your own planters, patio furniture, and pillows instead of buying them. Adding some low-voltage lighting will also help give your backyard a whole new look without breaking the bank.

If you're tired of the money spent on consistent lawn upkeep, artificial turf is the perfect solution! While this will require a larger investment initially, the money saved from lawn maintenance can quickly pay off. Your property value will raise and you'll see the ROI in just a few years! 

How Can I Quickly Transform My Backyard? 

The 10 outdoor design features above will be the best way to quickly see a backyard transformation. Start by cleaning up the area and removing any dead shrubbery and debris. Expanding existing hardscape is also a quick way to enhance your space and provide you with more usability. In our opinion, the fastest way to renovate your lawn and see immediate results is to convert it to synthetic grass, you'll have a new plush and green lawn in just a few days! 

How Much Does a Backyard Remodel Cost in Los Angeles? 

The cost of backyard renovation in Los Angeles will vary depending on the design features chosen and the size of your space. But as an example: a backyard renovation of a 2,000 sq. ft. lawn that includes a deck, patio, planters, and artificial turf installation will cost about $50,000.

We hope this article offers you a few backyard remodel ideas and helps you get your project started. To see more of our past projects, check out our backyard renovation gallery! Ready to transform your space? Request a custom estimate below, we can't wait to assist you! 

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