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Artificial Pet Turf Los Angeles

Why does pet turf cost more than regular turf? What causes pet turf to smell? Find the answers to commonly asked questions about pet turf materials and pet turf installation in Los Angeles, CA. 

What's the Price of Pet Turf in Los Angeles, California? 

Artificial grass materials will range from around $1.50 to $6.50 per sq. ft. While any permeable artificial grass can be used with a pet turf system, you'll typically choose a shorter and less dense grass with more durable blades for easy cleaning and wear and tear resistance. Grasses that are specific to pets will run between $3 to $6 per sq. ft. 

What's the Price of Pet Turf Installation in Los Angeles, California? 

In Los Angeles, artificial pet turf installation costs between $11 to $16 on average. The cost of pet turf will vary depending on project size, pet add-ons selected, and accessibility. Request an estimate to install artificial grass n Los Angeles.

Can Dogs Damage Artificial Grass? 

The good news is, artificial pet turf is extremely durable and is made to withstand heavy foot traffic and wear and tear. They will not be able to damage the backing or pull out the blades as long as you purchase high-quality fake grass.

Manufacturers recommend installing a frame around the perimeter of the area to eliminate the use of nails when installing turf for pets. This is because consistent and avid diggers may be able to cause the edges to pull up over time. However, often this is skipped by homeowners, and rarely do we see this issue occur. 

The most common way that dogs can ruin your artificial grass is by causing odor. When using pet turf as a bathroom consistently with no rinsing or sanitation, odors will occur. Make sure to regularly flush the area and opt for bacteria-preventing add-ons for the best results! 

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Why Does Pet Turf Smell?

Dogs love artificial grass! It provides a clean and green place for them to play, exercise, and use the bathroom. However, if not taken care of, artificial grass for pets can quickly begin to give off an odor that will only get worse with time. 

Even if you install a full pet turf system with a drainage layer, flushing the area with high volumes of water and sanitizing agents often is critical. This will prevent urine from living beneath the surface and growing bacteria. 

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What is the Best Infill to Use for Artificial Grass for Pets? 

The best artificial grass infill for pets is antibacterial sand (Envirofill). This infill features a plastic-like coating on the granules that helps prevent bacteria from forming on the surface which is vital in areas used for pet relief. Because the infill is coated, it's also less likely to compact together and affect drainage which is a common problem with regular silica sand. You'll also find that antibacterial sand is less abrasive and offers cooler temps, which is ideal for children and pets

Another infill that is recommended is turf deodorizer (Zeofill). This is a fine substance that when sprinkled on the surface traps and locks in odors from ammonia until you're able to flush the area. Because the texture of turf deodorizer is so fine, it's recommended to use it in addition to another infill that can offer dimensional stability

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How to Buy Pet Turf in Los Angeles

For DIYers, choosing the right artificial grass can be daunting because there are so many options to choose from. The best way to buy artificial grass in Los Angeles is online with InstallArtificial! We offer high-quality pet turf materials from 5 major and trusted brands that offer nationwide shipping.

By partnering with these suppliers and ordering high volumes of products, we're able to offer you the same quality pet turf for less!  Browse through professional unbiased reviews on each product page to narrow down your search. See performance results in terms of wear and tear resistance, cushion, recovery rate, and more! 

Want us to take care of your pet turf project from start to finish? Request a custom estimate below to get started! We can't wait to assist you.