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How To achieve the Coolest Artificial Turf Surface

One of the biggest concerns coming from new artificial grass owners is the temperature of the surface. Most homeowners are in the market for artificial grass that stays cool. This is important especially for pet owners and parents because the safety of their loved ones is their top priority. We have some tips for you to keep your new artificial lawn cool in the Los Angeles heat. 

Artificial Grass Recycling

Choose A Lighter Color

If you haven’t installed your grass yet, you can select a lighter grass and infill color. White round premium silica sand infill is the best option to keep the area cool. And for grass, another thing to look at besides the color is the density. A less dense grass will also stay cooler because it can breathe better and retain less heat. A cool turf will be shorter and less dense, lighter in color, and have high-quality sand infill. 

Don’t Use Rubber Infill

Rubber will increase the chances of your turf getting too hot in the sun because it retains heat. If possible, select a grass that has a cool technology coating. This coating helps reflect sunlight and keeps the turf around 10-20% cooler. 

Install A Subsurface Cooling System

Depending on the installer, this may be an option. If this isn’t applicable, choose grass with a backing that does NOT drain well. It may sound counterintuitive, but if the backing of the grass is 100% permeable water will move through it faster and won’t stay on the surface to help cool the grass.

Hose Down The Grass Periodically

 The easiest way to get a cooler surface is to hose down your grass before you let your children or dogs go outside. This will also be the fastest way to cool down the grass and is the most cost-effective. If you have a sprinkler, you can turn it on in the middle of the day to help cool down the grass as well. 

Provide More Shade

You can achieve this by planting more trees in your yard that naturally bring shade or installing shade sails. This will keep your grass cool by reducing sun exposure. If you’re having a party and want a shady area for your guests, you can also set up an open-air tent for your guests to sit under. This will keep the grass cool but also keep your guests comfortable and out of the sun. If you have a back porch or patio area, installing an awning or tent covering permanently over the porch could also be a great option for you. 

extra shade cools artificial turf install in backyards

Overall, the easiest and fastest way to cool down your grass in a pinch is to hose it down with water. Even in direct sunlight, the grass shouldn’t become too hot to harm anyone, but it’s always smart to be cautious for your children and pets. To get an idea of the price for your specific installation project, request a custom estimate below!