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Best Practices for Cleaning and Odor Control in k9 Turf Systems

Learn our recommendations when it comes to cleaning and maintaining a k9 turf system. Discover top-rated products that will assist you in keeping your lawn safe for your dog. Hear our favorite cleansers to keep your yard bacteria and odor-free! 

Artificial Grass Recycling

Maintaining a beautiful green lawn year-round is hard enough, but upkeeping a natural lawn that's used for pet relief is even more of a nightmare. By opting into an artificial pet turf system in your backyard, we install a drainage system to prevent the growth of bacteria underneath the surface. However, there's still consistent cleaning required for best results. We'll share with you our favorite products!

Manufacturer Recommendations

Most manufacturer recommendations restrain from using aggressive chemicals and rely on large volumes of water for cleaning. Most homeowners use far less water and cannot control the odor with just liquid.

So How Do We Control the Odor? 

We created a list of our best practices and favorite products that help control the odor after artificial turf installations. This article is based on the experience of our cleaning crews. Please use these recommendations at your own risk. Turf materials and quality vary, so we cannot be accountable for turf vegetation. 

Products That Control Pet Odor:

Use sanitizer and water every few days. We recommend the following:

Clean with soap cleansers occasionally to protect against dirt build-up:

Complete thorough cleanings with aggressive cleansers when needed. Please read the instructions on the bottle and wear protective clothing. Dilute with water and rinse heavily after cleaning.

Followed by:

The Importance of Brushing:

It is vital to give the turf a brush prior to cleaning. Brushing disturbs the compacted infill allowing for the cleaning solutions to flow underneath the surface easier. We brush the surface of the turf at least two times before beginning the cleaning, and again during cleaning. In some cases, we will use a power washer for the heavily soiled areas.

We hope this helps! Please share your experiences with us. We are constantly searching for more efficient ways to control pet odor and love your feedback. These methods have proven best for us, but we are always learning alongside you. If you're looking to get an idea of the price for your upcoming pet turf installation, or are in need of professional cleaning to existing turf, request an estimate below!

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