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Artificial Grass Installers Near Me

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When you google "artificial grass installers near me", you see a long list of companies. But how do you determine who's trustworthy? Below we'll review all types of artificial grass installation companies and help you determine which companies will typically deliver the best price and quality.


First, we'll break down artificial grass installation companies into categories and describe their pros and cons. Then, we will use a snapshot from a google search to show you the best way to select the right contractor for your artificial grass project.

Artificial grass installation companies fall into 6 categories

Large Advertising Agencies

It's our recommendation to stay away from advertising companies. They're large companies that run ads as their primary source of gaining leads. They use stock photos and low prices to attract attention. Then they resell these leads to amateur installers, and you can't be sure of the quality of work. We don’t work with those companies because we provide quality jobs with manufacturer-recommended materials, and there is no profit matching their advertised prices. Often these companies will show up at the top of your google search.

Nationwide Artificial Turf Companies

These artificial turf companies dominate the top list in google searches. They have multiple locations nationwide and mostly focuses on large profitable jobs and commercial projects. Do not expect a high quality of service from these companies for small residential projects. They will rarely show interest in any artificial grass projects that are less than 15K.

Artificial Grass Recycling


Artificial turf suppliers do not intend to earn your business. Their main objective is to deal with contractors and installers and sell them artificial grass in higher volumes to use in their installations. Some of them will sell you material while others will recommend reaching out to an installer.

*Our advice - do not buy turf materials without installation as well. You'll find it hard to find an installer that will work with the artificial grass materials that you purchased, often they prefer to work with their own materials. You'll also have more freedom to browse grasses from multiple suppliers when reaching out to installers directly. 

Local Artificial Turf Companies

These smaller companies are typically hungry and fighting for work. However, they operate on very thin margins when competing with large companies. The quality of service with local artificial grass companies can vary greatly. Depending on the company, you can get very good service, a bad job with cheap materials, or even no-shows. Rely on client reviews and portfolios of completed jobs. Ask questions during the screening process to understand their installation methods

Newbies (Developing Companies)

They promise everything and offer low price artificial grass installation, however it is unrealistic to expect quality work with proper turf specs as it is not possible to profit from a job that is done right.

Scammers and Fraud

This happens in multiple forms. No-shows and loss of deposit is the most common scam we see in the turf industry. Other instances include injury lawsuits, robberies, or workers comp claims. When you run into anyone that doesn't seem trustworthy and can't offer proof of insurance - run! 

Selecting the Best Companies From Google Search

Now, let's take a look at a google listing. Type in "artificial grass installers near me". Do you see something similar to the picture below?

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The first three-four items are ads and will specify so in the left corner of the listing. Because anyone can pay for these slots, you'll see all types of turf companies here. Often these are large advertising companies offering deals and reselling to sketchy contractors. When we see low-quality installations, they are typically stemming from those who clicked on ads and trusted non-reputable companies with their artificial grass installation. 

Artificial installers near me map view

Then, directly beneath the advertisements, you'll get the map showing different options near your current location. This is your best shot to find a fair turf installer nearby for a fair price.

*Pro-tip: Try to avoid companies with only 3-5 reviews and generic names such as "Best Artificial Grass". 

Artificial Grass Installers Near Me Crowd Sourced Review Companies

Crowd-Sourced Review Companies

Scrolling down past the map in your search results you will often find Yelp, Home Advisor, Angie's List, and companies of this type offering client-provided reviews of home improvement companies. Our recommendation here is to be careful. For example, Yelp has begun selling its top slots to companies. The first 11 positions on yelp are pure ads that boost any company that's willing to pay the price regardless of their customer satisfaction rates. 

Yelp charges businesses a lot for leads, and those leads are often of poor quality. Even when a client clicks on a company profile that is appealing and trustworthy, Yelp will sell your request to 3-5 more companies that will immediately start calling with lower offers. This in turn confuses clients into thinking the reputable companies are overcharging. However, the price is only as low as the quality of work. We no longer use Yelp as we believe it is misleading to our clients.

Artificial Grass Installers Near Me Local Companies

Trustworthy Local Installers

After continuing to scroll will you begin to see a few industry-leading companies in your area. This can be over halfway down the page of search results, so make sure you scroll past the ads. These are the artificial grass installers worth your click and time. Search for a company that has a landing page tailored to your city and is specific enough to show their team and services. Read client reviews and view their portfolios of completed projects to find the best fit for you. 

We hope this helps you navigate search results when shopping around for the best company at a fair price. Always do your research prior to selecting a contractor and ask a lot of questions to ensure they're qualified to complete the installation to manufacturers' recommendations. To receive a custom quote from InstallArtificial, fill out the short form below to get started! 

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