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Find Artificial Grass That Meets Your Needs in San Diego


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Artificial Grass Price

The cost of artificial grass in San Diego can vary greatly depending on the intended use, size of the project, and specs of the materials. Synthetic grass materials range from $1.29-$6.50 per square foot while the cost of synthetic grass installation ranges from $8.90-$15.60 per square foot. 

Check out our artificial grass pricing article here to learn more about the factors affecting the cost of turf materials in San Diego!

Backyard Artificial Grass

Finding the perfect synthetic turf for lawns and landscaping has never been simpler with our online turf store! We offer unbiased reviews and perform a series of tests on every single artificial grass offered. Shop by intended use and see performance results such as wear and tear resistance, cushion, recovery rate, temperature, and more to ensure you're buying backyard artificial grass in San Diego that meets your specific needs! Whether you're looking to buy artificial grass that's soft and plush for play areas, or short and durable to withstand higher levels of traffic, we've got you covered! 

K9 Pet Turf 

Artificial lawns for pet use have become more and more popular in San Diego. On top of the obvious benefits that artificial grass offers such as reduced water use and raised property values, pet turf for dogs ensures that your lawn will be clean and pest-free at all times! The best k9 pet turf in San Diego will be permeable, durable, and easy to clean.

Check out our publication on which grasses stay the coolest on hot days to find the best fit for both your family and your pets! When you're ready to begin your DIY pet turf project, browse our TurfList to compare popular synthetic grass from leading suppliers in San Diego.

Sports Turf for Gyms

Do people install sports turf in gyms in San Diego? Absolutely! Browse through artificial grass for gyms with ease. By advancing the technologies used in recent years, artificial turf has become a must-have for high-impact workouts. sports turf protects your joints from the harsh impacts of workouts with its shock absorption. It's perfect for activities such as CrossFit, weightlifting, and more.

When using InstallArtificial to purchase gym turf in San Diego, you'll see that we offer both affordable and more premium options with padding built-in. We also sell artificial grass for backyard putting greens. Need assistance buying additional sports turf accessories such as shock pads and infills as well? We've got you covered! Speak with a professional installer and start shopping now! 

Rooftop Turf 

Looking to buy artificial grass for a balcony or rooftop? We sell high-quality turf materials online that provide adequate drainage and a soft cushioned surface to make your rooftop barefoot-friendly. With the ease of installation, anyone can DIY rooftop turf in San Diego! Transform drab and unconventional spaces into a cozy hangout area for you and your guests. Browse multiple brands, order samples, and have artificial grass shipped directly to you and dropped off curbside in as little as 2 days!