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How to Measure Lot Size Instantly Online

It's never been simpler to measure your lot size online! Quickly calculate the size of your property, home, lawn, deck, or patio in just a few seconds! Are you in the process of buying sod, fertilizers, or weed controls? Looking to install synthetic grass in your space? Don't know the square footage of your lawn? No worries, we've got you covered. Keep reading to learn more! 

How to calculate property size instantly online

Step-by-Step Directions

 — Video Walkthrough of Finding Lot Size 

 — Calculating the Cost of Artificial Grass

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Even if you're not doing a DIY project, to get a solid idea of the cost of lawn care or turf installation you'll need to know the approximate square footage of your space. Many home and business owners don't know where to begin with outdoor landscape and hardscape projects and typically struggle to measure their lot size to begin receiving bids from contractors.

What most don't realize, is that you don't need to plug a bunch of measurements into a lot size calculator to know the overall size of your property, you can simply use google maps! No need for measuring tapes or complicated math, just plug in your address and outline your space to get immediate measurements! Here's how to find your lawn size instantly: 

Measure Lawn Size Instantly

1. Using your browser of choice, open up Google Maps. You'll want to calculate your lawn size on a desktop computer to be able to utilize all the features that google offers. You should see something similar to our reference photo below. 

Open google maps to calculate lot size instantly online

2. Using the search bar on the left-hand side, plug-in your full address and hit the enter key. 

plug in address on google maps to measure lawn size instantly

3. At the bottom left-hand section of the screen, you'll see a square icon labeled "layers". Click the layer button to switch from map view to satellite view.

change satellite view on google maps to calculate lot size

4. Zoom in on the lawn area you want to measure and right-click your mouse to view more functions.

zoom in and right click to find the size of your lawn online

5. Select "Measure distance" from the list of functions and begin outlining the perimeter of the area you're trying to measure. Use your mouse to click on the areas where you'd like to drop a point. If you've made a point that you'd like to delete, simply click on the point itself and it will be removed. 

outline property on google maps to measure the square footage of lawn

6. To view the overall square footage, you'll need to completely outline the perimeter and connect the dots. Once the shape is closed by connecting the dots, you can click on any point and drag it to adjust the coverage if needed. You'll then be able to see accurate readings for both square feet and linear feet! Simple as that.

calculating total area of property online

Video Walkthrough of Measuring Lawn Size Online

Calculating the Cost of Artificial Grass Materials

Artificial grass for sale is priced out by square footage. Once you've measured your lawn online you can calculate an estimated cost of artificial grass by simply multiplying the total square footage of your yard by the price of the artificial grass you're interested in. Keep in mind that depending on the shape of your yard, there will likely be waste material. It is recommended to add between 5-10% to your figures for waste material when budgeting. 

Remember, most artificial grass rolls are manufactured in rolls that are either 12 or 15 ft. wide. For this reason, often you'll have to purchase more than needed and cut the turf to the size of your lawn. If your space is wider than 15 ft, you'll need to purchase multiple rolls of synthetic grass and seam them together. This will require the purchase of seaming materials such as nails, staples, or seaming tape to make your seams invisible. 

Check out our publication breaking down the pricing for materials and labor to get an idea of the cost of artificial grass installation!

Other Online Cost Calculators

Looking to get a quick idea of the cost for your next artificial grass project? Now that you know the square footage of your space, you can use our artificial grass cost calculators below to get a realistic price estimate in just a few clicks! Answer a few questions about accessibility and intended use and receive pricing in 2 minutes or less. 

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Frequently Asked Questions     

How do I find out the size of a property?

You can measure your lawn online using Google Maps. Check out our walkthrough video above to see how to utilize this awesome tool in less than a minute! Alternatively, if you know the dimensions of your property you can simply multiply the length by the width to find the total area. 

How do I find my property size online? 

Input an address into Google Maps or zoom in on the map, then right-click on the starting point of your desired shape. Choose the "measure" option and proceed to click along the outer edge of the shape you wish to calculate the area of. As you add points, the area will be automatically updated below, providing measurements in acres, square feet, meters, kilometers, and miles.

Can Google Maps show property lines? 

Although Google Maps can visually display property lines, it is crucial to note that it does not hold legal jurisdiction in establishing property boundaries.