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Save Money When Buying Synthetic Grass Online - InstallArtificial

Hear how shopping for artificial grass online can be simplified and discounted when you purchase from InstallArtificial. Learn why homeowners are choosing us to partner with during DIY artificial grass projects. 

Better Savings 

You'll save money by ordering artificial turf from InstallArtificial. We created a proprietary system that rewards customers and sends a high volume of order requests to manufacturers. This is a win-win. You'll get the same high quality artificial turf shipped to you directly from the manufacturer, all for a lower price!

Simplified Process

We know it can be overwhelming to sift through hundreds of different artificial grasses online that all look the same. We wanted to simplify the process for our clients, and homeowners that installing artificial grass at home themselves.

We offer high-quality photos of each turf from multiple angles so you can really see differences in texture, thatch, color, and height. All of our turf products are categorized by project type and intended use to make your browsing easy to navigate. We also administer a series of performance tests with each artificial grass to provide you with unbiased professional reviews. Shop our Online Turf Store now to see performance results such as wear and tear resistance, blade recovery rate, softness, and more!

Professional Support

Installing your own turf? We can help! It's common for homeowners to make mistakes during installation. The most common mistakes are ordering too much or too little turf. Our team will review your project and recommend the cuts for the easiest and best installation. We will still rely on your measurements. However, in most cases, our advice is critically helpful.

speak with professional installers when ordering turf online

Request a special deal with us below and you’ll receive a custom offer the same day. We’ll assess your lawn, provide you with professional recommendations, and help you purchase artificial turf accessories online so that your installation is a breeze.

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