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InstallArtificial: The Leading Artificial Turf Retailer in The USA


In 2023, according to Spyfu independent resources, InstallArtificial cemented its position as one of the most valuable turf companies in terms of click value, surpassing major competitors such as Synthetic Grass Warehouse, Purchase Green, and SynLawn

This achievement positions InstallArtificial as the most valued artificial turf platform and the leading artificial grass retailer company in the USA with over $68K of click value per month.

Install Artificial most valued turf company in the USA

Data as of 12/1/2021

Cause of Growth

This remarkable achievement was not easily attained. Instead of pressuring our customers, InstallArtificial believes in empowering every homeowner to build their dream space. 

InstallArtificial developed three major business directions: An online turf store that is serving most of the USA, a professional artificial turf installers directory, and one of the most visited artificial turf resource platforms. Still, InstallArtificial continues to perform professional synthetic turf installation services in SoCal.

The achievement was not easily obtained, but it was built upon fundamental principles of fair pricing, transparency, cutting-edge technology, and a customer service approach that puts you in control. Our commitment to providing same-day quotes and research-driven recommendations allows homeowners to create personalized renovations with ease.

In 2023, InstallArtificial appeared in searches across 32 largest cities in the USA, offering direct pricing and connecting homeowners with the best installers in the area. 

While online platforms bombard homeowners with shared lead phone calls, email-grabbing techniques, and unsustainable materials, InstallArtificial emerges as a resource for trustworthy advise, the "Michelin" of Artificial grass.

InstallArtificial is revolutionizing the artificial grass industry. At InstallArtificial, we understand that home improvement projects can be overwhelming, so we enable homeowners to design and price their renovations without pressure. Homeowners deserve same-day estimates where they can design renovation and build the price in the comfort of their own homes. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that our customers have access to the best resources, guidance, and support throughout their artificial turf installation journey.