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Deciding Whether to Buy Artificial Grass Online or In Store

When beginning an artificial turf project, one of the more daunting tasks is comparing the hundreds of grasses on the market. It can be an overwhelming process to make the final decision. Learn the benefits and convenience of purchasing artificial grass online in comparison to purchasing in store! 

Better Deals 

Typically, you'll find better deals online when shopping for artificial grass. This is because you're purchasing goods directly from the manufacturers and you're not paying the marked up prices you often find in brick and mortar retail stores.

We always recommend ordering samples and researching warranties before completing your purchase to prevent being stuck with low-quality materials. To learn how to spot cheap characteristics, reference our article about avoiding low-quality artificial grass here!

To remove the worry all together, shop for artificial turf online at InstallArtificial. Check out our Online Synthetic Turf Store! When you order turf online with us, you'll spend less money. With our proprietary quotation system you'll get the same high-quality synthetic grass and accessories for a much cheaper price. We submit a large number of requests to manufacturers to make this happen, and reward our clients with the savings! 

More Turf Options & Unbiased Reviews 

When you shop for artificial grass in store, the retailer is often partnered with specific brands and will only show you products from that brand. When shopping for synthetic grass online, you're able to compare popular turf and turf accessories from multiple leading manufacturers to ensure you're finding the best fit for your needs.

Use our TurfLab to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each artificial grass we offer. To remain unbiased in our reviews, we've administers a series of performance tests on each grass such as recovery rate, cushioning, wear and tear resistance, and more! You'll find these performance results at the bottom of each product page. Check it out here

get unbiased  professional reviews when you buy turf online

Convenient Nationwide Shipping & Delivery 

Most often when you purchase synthetic grass online, direct delivery is offered. Homeowners tend to underestimate the weight of artificial grass when purchased in bulk. Because turf is manufactured in 15 ft. rolls, a truck to transport will be required as well as at least 3 people to load/unload. Remove the hassle and get it shipped directly to you! 

Buying artificial turf online is a convenient way to begin your lawn transformation. We know you're looking for the perfect turf to suit your needs, and you can find what you need online at InstallArtificial with ease. You can order samples before purchasing, and then have your turf and accessories delivered directly to your doorstep. We offer high-quality artificial turf from industry leading manufacturers at affordable prices. Start Shopping today! 

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