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2024 Artificial Grass Rebate Programs Directory

Browse through a comprehensive list of available artificial grass rebates nationwide. Find your city or state to stay updated on government offerings in your area. Discover what savings are available for homeowners switching to synthetic lawns and aiding in water conservation. --- Updated 02/14/24

Artificial Grass Rebate Programs Nationally

Homeowners across the U.S. have the chance to benefit from state-issued cash for grass rebate programs when they install artificial grass on their lawns! In particular, residents of California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Texas and New Mexico can look out for such payouts. Clicking on your city's website will show you how to start claiming that money - it really could be worthwhile! Contractors offering this service to clients should point out not just the water savings but also rebates that are available when taking part in these water-saving landscape updates.

Why Make the Switch to Artificial Grass Lawns?

Every month, a single-family household pays between $50 and $80 for their residential water bill. Taking into account other yard needs such as weeding and mowing, these costs can be quite considerable. To save on these expenses while aiding environmental conservation, homeowners should seriously consider switching over to an artificial grass lawn. By making the switch, you can save up to $10,000 a year! Artificial grass also conserves a tremendous amount of water annually - 22,000 gallons to be exact. Such remarkable figures show why having an artificial grass lawn is so beneficial for us all. And especially when there's a rebate for artificial turf, why not make the switch? 

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Discover How to Make Your Project Eligible for an Artificial Grass Rebate

Artificial turf rebate programs are offered by various organizations and agencies in the United States. However, the availability and details of these programs may vary. Before you commit to any lawn updates, it's important to check whether or not you'll be eligible for a rebate. You heard that right. just simply transitioning from natural grass to artificial turf doesn't necessarily make you eligible for money back. Turf replacement programs make use of different criteria when determining who qualifies, and often pre-approval is required. Here are some of the main factors they examine:

  • Location
  • Square footage of lawn replacement
  • Current condition of lawn
  • If your project meets their specific terms and conditions

When considering a rebate for replacing your lawn with artificial turf, it's important to be aware that regulations vary. For instance, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power mandates that 40% of the new landscaping must feature drought-tolerant plants in order to qualify for a rebate. However, other agencies may have different requirements regarding lawn replacement.

Often, rebate programs will be available for certain seasons and then suspended until the following year. If there are no available programs in your city at this time, make sure to keep checking periodically! 

Want to get an idea of the cost of your next artificial grass project? Use our cost calculator below! No phone or email is required.  


2024 Artificial Turf Rebate Programs by State

Arizona Turf Rebate Programs

Scottsdale, (AZ) - WaterSense and Residential Grass Removal rebates are closed as of Nov. 15, 2023, with plans to restart in July 2024. All removal rebates require inspection prior to grass removal to be eligible. Scottsdale Water cannot guarantee rebate requirements, eligibility, or amount for the grass removal rebate until Summer 2024. Check back for more updates! 

Glendale, (AZ)  - If you're a resident of Glendale, you're in luck! By removing your natural lawn and replacing it with artificial grass, you have the opportunity to save up to $250 ($0.25 per sq. ft.) in 2024. Glendale offers Water Conservation rebates as a financial incentive, where the city partially offsets the cost for its water customers in the Glendale Service area. It's important to note that the City of Glendale is not responsible for the selection, installation, or performance of any product. Additionally, please keep in mind that rebate requirements are subject to change.

Mesa, (AZ) - There are no artificial grass rebate programs in Mesa, AZ at this time. However, they are offering rebates for transitioning from grass to Xeriscape. Grass-to-non-grass area conversions of between 500 - 999 square feet qualify for $750 in reimbursement, with an additional $250 grant for projects that exceed 1,000 square feet.

Phoenix, (AZ) Phoenix does not offer any government rebate programs for water conservation. On the official web page for the city of Phoenix, they state " The Arizona Department of Water Resources sets conservation goals for each water provider with a timeframe to reach the required reductions. Through good management practices and the water conservation efforts by our customers, Phoenix has reached these goals without financial incentives."

California Turf Rebate Programs 

Los Angeles County, (CA) - LADWP's water conservation program offers rebates to those transitioning from natural grass to drought-resistant landscaping. Save up to $5 per sq. ft. Pre-approval is required. Artificial turf is not eligible. It does not appear that there is a Los Angeles artificial grass rebate at this time as of February 2024. 

Sacramento, (CA) - A grass removal rebate of up to $3,000 is available to Sacramento customers that replace existing grass with drought-tolerant landscaping. Projects must include a drip irrigation system and result in 60% plant coverage. Pre-approval Is required. Artificial turf is not eligible.

San Diego County, (CA) - Landscape rebates of $2/sq. ft. available in San Diego for turf removal and integration of drought-tolerant landscaping. Must have three plants per every 100 sq. ft. to qualify. Pre-approval required. Artificial grass is not eligible.

Check back to see updates for California turf replacement rebate programs in 2024! 

Florida Turf Rebate Programs 

While it does not appear that the state of Florida is offering any savings when converting to an artificial lawn, you have the potential to save some money with water saving additions. 

Pinellas County residents can take advantage of the Florida-Friendly Landscaping Incentive Program (FLIP) to make their lawns more water and fertilizer efficient. By participating in this program, homeowners have the opportunity to receive a generous 50% rebate, up to $2,000, when they replace a portion of their irrigated landscape with water-conserving micro-irrigation and Florida Friendly Landscaping. This initiative aims to promote sustainable practices and reduce water consumption in the county.

Check back for more updates! 

New Mexico Turf Rebate Programs

Albuquerque, (NM) - Albuquerque offers a Desert Friendly Conversion Rebate of $2/sq. ft. for those transitioning to Xeriscape. Project must be pre-approved and feature 60% plant coverage with at least 3 in. of mulch over the soil in between plants. Synthetic grass products are not permitted at this time. 

Clovis, (NM) - EPCOR is offering homeowners an incentive of $0.40 per square foot to replace grass lawns with desert landscaping, gravel or another ground cover. Any turfed area that ranges from 500 square feet to 2,000 square feet is eligible for the rebate. However, it is important to note that bare ground cannot be used as an acceptable alternative. It does not specify whether artificial turf is eligible. 

Rio Rancho, (NM) - Offering rebates for Xeriscape, not artificial grass. Must contact the Water Conservation office prior to beginning the project. Offering $1 off per sq. ft. with a minimum of 250 sq. ft. 

Nevada Turf Rebate Programs

Henderson, (NV) - Southern Nevada Water Authority has existing rebates available in 2024 for grass removal. Homeowners in Las Vegas can take advantage of the existing rebates offered by the Southern Nevada Water Authority. They provide a generous rebate of $5 per square foot of grass removed for the first 10,000 square feet converted. Project must be completed in 2024 and 50% of the area must be covered in live plants. 

Las Vegas, (NV) - Las Vegas residents should also be able to participate in fake grass rebates offered by Southern Nevada Water Authority. See rebate information for Henderson, NV. Check out the link to learn more! 

Texas Turf Rebate Programs

Austin, (TX) - There are no smart water rebates that include artificial grass in Austin Texas at this time. They do, however, offer a WaterWise rebate for those removing grass and replacing with native plants, requiring at least 50% of plant coverage. Increased funding in 2024 - up to $3,000 to convert turf grass to native bed. 

San Antonio, (TX) - San Antonio does not offer any rebate programs for artificial grass installation. They do offer coupons and savings for converting lawn space to gardens and converting to drip irrigation. 

Dallas, (TX) - We do not see any water-saving government rebates for artificial grass in Dallas at this time. 

Utah Turf Rebate Programs 

Utah Water Savers has issued a rebate program statewide! Upgrading lawns to water-wise plants, trees, and shrubs will allow you to be rewarded with a cash incentive. Requires pre-approval and does not specify whether or not artificial turf can be integrated into the design. Pre-approval and plant coverage minimums are required. 

Find Out If You're Eligible for a Synthetic Turf Rebate Now! 

Act now before it's too late. Rebate programs for artificial turf typically won't stay around forever, so you should take advantage while they are still available. The funding can run out at any point, don't miss your chance! The folks behind these programs don't want to make things hard on you; their aim is to help lower water consumption in their cities - and with your help, they can accomplish that! So take action quickly and discover whether there's still funding available in your area.