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Why Choose Artificial Turf

For most of us, synthetic grass becomes the only option that can immediately bring back our beautiful green lawn and avoid painful bills, dirt, and bugs. Let's see what our clients say!

What do our clients have to say?

1) It got impossible to make it look good. We used so much water to try to keep our lawn alive that we couldn't even walk on it. Or it would just die right away.
2) Our dogs track so much sand and dust into the house that we clean it twice a week and it its still dirty.
3) Our yard just doesn't get enough sunlight. The grass can't stay alive. It has no chance.
4) We rented a house with an amazing lawn. But tenants, they just didn't maintain the yard. To save on their water bill they disconnected valves and the lawn is gone.
5) We host parties and our guests struggle to walk in dress shoes!
6) You know, the worst in this pandemic it to survive the noise of a lawnmower. 
Many of our clientele confess to us that their natural grass lawns just don't survive the LA heat and the constant traffic from kids, dogs, and hosting in their yard. But these aren't their only reasons for their switch to artificial grass.

Helping the Environment

While most people steer clear of synthetic things and consider natural to always be best, this is not always the case when it comes to synthetic grass. Let’s consider a few things that will help you understand how the industry has created a sustainable, planet-friendly product.

Carbon Emissions are collectively reduced thanks to the use of artificial grass.

Gardening equipment that is powered by gas, such as the lawnmower, increasingly contributes to air pollution, according to the EPA. Using artificial grass significantly decreases the use of such equipment and therefore the carbon emissions that they produce.

Pesticides, Insecticides, and Herbicides all have dangerous effects on the environment and we already see an over usage of these chemicals today. There have been many studies done that show the link between these chemicals and the increasing risks of cancer. Synthetic grass does not require these harsh chemicals meaning it cuts down their usage, helping the environment and humanity. That’s a double win!

Water Conservation is a huge reason that people in Los Angeles and California as a whole make the switch to synthetic grass. Water rationing in this state and other places that experience drought is becoming commonplace. Synthetic grass does not need to be maintained with water for survival, aside from the occasional spray of water to help cool down the lawn on very hot days or rinsing away cleaner. This fact cuts down the usage tremendously, which has a very positive effect on the environment.

Easy Maintenance

Artificial grass is loved by so many due to its easy maintenance and iron-clad lifeline even under extreme weather conditions. Whether it be arctic-level snowstorms, scorching sunny days, or just a lot of rain, your artificial grass will survive through it all. In fact, artificial grass drains and dries much faster than natural grass.

A common question that consumers ask is directed at the temperature peaks of synthetic grass. On average, synthetic grass that sits under direct sunlight can peak up to 30-40% degrees higher than the ambient temperature. The rest of the grass, though, will maintain ambient temperature. Flammability? Not a problem. Synthetic grass is non-flammable. Under a fire, it would simply melt but not spread.

Thankfully, cleaning your artificial grass is easy. A weekly rake (this may depend on location) will help keep the debris off the grass. For areas with heavy foot traffic, you can use a brush to brush the blades back up. Put down the lawnmower and take a breath, low maintenance lawns are possible! If you have pets, there are a few simple cleaning tips to follow. For solid waste, pick up the waste as you normally would with a pet bag, then dispose of it. Use a product such as an enzymatic cleaner or something vinegar-based to clean the space if your pet’s stool seems a little bit looser. Liquid waste may be more difficult to spot so it’s better to use a sprinkler to water the entire space to ensure cleanliness. Things NOT to use to clean the turf: harsh acids, alcohol-based cleaners, and pressurized water.

The average lawn requires thousands of gallons of water to be maintained. This has become an increasing problem for places experiencing drought, especially in the southwest of the United States. Due to this, certain states such as California, Nevada, Texas, and Arizona have started offering rebates for artificial grass purchases. Check with your local water district to see if you can benefit from this rebate and support a cause as important as this one.

Summary of Reasons Why People Choose Synthetic Grass

Now that you’ve become a mini turf expert, you can appreciate your decision to purchase artificial grass even more. Let’s compile a list below of just some of the great reasons to choose synthetic grass and why it’s such a great investment.

  • Long-lasting
  • Superior drainage
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Strong and durable
  • No fertilizers or harsh chemicals
  • Low maintenance
  • Fantastic aesthetics
  • Weed-free
  • Saves time

This list is just a shortened version of the many great reasons to purchase artificial grass. Contact us today for more information!

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