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The Most Coveted Artificial Turf Materials of 2023: Imperial Synthetic Turf

Imperial Synthetic Turf Awards

Install Artificial awarded Imperial Synthetic Turf with
"The Most Coveted Artificial Turf Materials of 2023" Award.

THE MOST COVETED TURFImperial Synthetic Turf designed the most desirable line of artificial turf materials according to the feedback of our clients Nationwide.

The assortment of Imperial turf is so carefully selected that a whopping 84.6% of clients prefer Imperial Synthetic Turf to any other materials shown.

We congratulate IST, Imperial Synthetic Turf, Henry, and Anita Van Antwerp on this achievement.

Our data shows that homeowners are increasingly turning to artificial turf for their lawns, and the demand for natural-looking options with pet-friendly backing is on the rise. Homeowners prioritize natural-looking artificial turf over price. Most residents are willing to pay higher prices to get the right turf installed in their homes. 

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