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How Long Does Artificial Turf Last?

Artificial turf lasts on average about 8-10 years. Even though the warranty on artificial grass is often 15 years or a lifetime. Most materials will get dirty faster than deteriorate. Hear some tips to keep your new synthetic lawn looking like new longer! 

Artificial Grass Recycling

A critical factor is the amount of traffic the turf experiences. Sun exposure will play a role in the integrity of the material over time as well. Also, regular cleanings and consistent maintenance will lengthen the lifespan of your turf.

Know Your artificial grass Warranty

Warranties on residential projects last around 15 years on average. The artificial grass warranty typically covers two things, the first being color fading. Over time, your lawn may slowly fade in color. This can be caused by years of direct sunlight on your lawn. The second thing that the warranty covers is the backing on the artificial grass material. It can wear down over time, especially when there's not enough cleaning and maintenance. These warranties, however, typically only cover artificial turf defects, not issues brought on by weathering.

Lengthen The Life Of Your artificial Turf

Consistent Turf Cleaning

In our experience with repairs and reinstallation, clients typically begin wanting a replacement after around 8 years if they aren't regularly upkeeping the area. Without consistent cleaning, the areas become so unkempt that reinstalling is easier than fixing the old turf. Also, without occasional brushing, the grass blades can begin to mat down from foot traffic over time. 

Professional Artificial Grass Maintenance

Another way to ensure the life of your turf isn't shortened is by allowing our professional crew to clean and brush your lawn once a year. Even if it's been years since you've had your artificial lawn worked on, we can still come out and take preventative measures before any more damage occurs. We'll service the turf by brushing through the blades then add more sand infill to keep the blades upright. The infill we add will also cover the damaged part of the blade, helping to prevent further disfiguring. 

professionally brushing turf system after installation

We regularly research and update our product list as the industry expands to ensure we're working with only top-quality products. However, even the best grass materials will suffer over time with no upkeep. The best way to make sure your lawn withstands over time is to clean the surface with water and a natural cleaning agent regularly and occasionally brush the surface. 

For help with a professional cleaning or repair, don't hesitate to reach out! To learn more about installing artificial turf on your lawn, request a free estimate today!

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