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Calculating the Square Footage of Your Space

When transitioning from a natural lawn to artificial grass, the first thing to do is calculate the sq. footage of your space. This will help installers understand the scope of the project to provide you with accurate pricing estimates. If you're planning to DIY, you'll need to know the dimensions of your space to know how much grass to purchase. Keep reading to learn common practices for calculating the area! 

Walk the Perimeter

Walk heel to toe along the length and width of your space with a tape measure and multiply the dimensions for the area of the rectangle. If the shape of your lawn is irregular, you will still have to purchase a large rectangle of grass and cut it to size. For this reason, there is often wasted material. 

Use Objects for Reference

A mid-size car takes about 80 square feet of space. Imagine how many cars you can park on your lawn. The roll width is approximately the same as two cars parked alongside each other. You can be fairly accurate with this approach. 

Talk to a Professional

Invite a professional artificial grass installer for an estimate. Most companies offer this absolutely free. Please know that estimates may vary. The amount of grass claimed in the estimate may not be enough to complete installation if you cut the grass differently from what was in the estimator’s mind. Ask the expert for both the exact square footage and the amount of turf that will need to be purchased. 

Use Google Maps

This is how we measure our client’s yards prior to in-person consultations. Google Maps provides a precise measurement of the area from an aerial view. Just put your address in the search bar, zoom in, and click on the satellite view option. You can simply right-click and select "measure distance" to begin measuring an area. You can see both linear and square footage this way! The only downfall to this method is that Google may not be showing an updated version of the property if there have been any recent construction or landscaping updates. 

We hope these methods assist you in beginning the process of installing a new long-lasting green lawn. When you're ready to make the switch and eliminate the need for constant lawn care and water usage, contact us today or request a custom interactive proposal below! 

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