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Why Are So Many People Installing Artificial Putting Greens?

Learn why customers are opting for artificial putting green installation in their backyards and commercial spaces. Hear the entertainment benefits of this addition, and decide if this is an option for you.

Artificial putting greens have become more and more common among commercial properties for many reasons. But what many people don’t realize, is that it’s an excellent addition in residential spaces as well. Backyard artificial lawn putting greens may seem like a luxury, but avid golfers will love the convenience. It’ll also be a hit with guests. So why are more people opting into artificial putting green installation?


Artificial grass is more eco-friendly than natural grass. It requires less maintenance than natural grass does, meaning you’ll use a lot less water. Especially in comparison to a natural putting green, which requires a lot more maintenance and water than regular landscaping. 

Easy To Upkeep

With a synthetic lawn, you will only need to use water to clean it maybe once a week. In comparison to real grass that requires regular watering to maintain its color. A synthetic putting green also doesn’t need to be cut, weeded, or trimmed. How nice does that sound?

Maintains Its Color Year-Round

Artificial grass maintains its color throughout most of its life. It will slowly fade over time, but this happens so slowly it’s usually not noticeable. Versus natural grass, which usually has brown spots, patches, and other problem areas.

artificial putting green installation for practicing golfers


Have you ever gotten flustered while on the green at a golf course, and retaliated by "accidentally" taking a chunk of the grass and mud out of the ground? If your answer is yes, installing an artificial turf putting green may be perfect for you. No matter how mad you get, you can’t damage a durable artificial putting green surface like you can with natural grass. Depending on the customization, the cost of a backyard golf green can be a pricy investment. Opt for durability so it lasts longer! 

Long-lasting And Tailored To Your Preferences

The artificial grass is designed to last years and the blades will remain upright with regular maintenance and brushing. This means that it will act the same as the first time you played, even if it’s the hundredth time. You can choose different grass lengths and densities to design the perfect putting green that you’ll never get tired of. We can also install add ons such as ponds, bunkers, and other obstacles to make it as challenging as you’d like. 

Great Entertainment

Installing an artificial putting green in your backyard will be a very fun investment for your family and friends. It’s a great way to blow off steam after a long day, or a great party activity to challenge your friends. Not to mention the added convenience of being able to walk outside your house to strengthen your skills. Add sand bunkers, adjust stimp speed, and practice putting right in your backyard! 

Convinced? Putting Greens are some of our favorite projects. With the option for customization, it’s completely yours to design. But because the process requires much more finesse and fine-tuning, make sure you work with expert installers only! Contact us today to get started!