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How We're Different at InstallArtificial

Hear why you should choose InstallArtificial for your backyard and commercial artificial turf projects. Learn what sets us apart from other installers in the Los Angeles area, and why our clients are recommending us to their friends.

Professional Tools

We are able to save time, money, and labor by using professional tools during our installations. We pass that savings to you to give you competitive prices for a quality job. We use electric wheelbarrows to haul products and soil around. This heavily reduces fatigue among our crew and makes the installation process more efficient - cutting costs on labor. The turf is also stretched by professional carpet stretchers in every direction with enough force to prevent wrinkles. If any wrinkles appear in the first year, we'll fix the surface even with no warranty because customer satisfaction is our priority. 

High-Quality Materials 

We pride ourselves in only using high-quality manufacturer-recommended materials during our turf installation projects. We also only use materials that are proven to have dimensional stability. The adhesive we use is top-notch to build hidden seams and create a smooth and consistent surface. The nails used in our installations are non-galvanized to keep the turf secure. We place nails every 2 inches along the perimeter and every 2 feet throughout the grass surface for added protection. 

Qualified Crew

We are a team of experienced installers that have knowledge of the processes and can accurately identify any hazards along the way. Our crew is always dressed professionally and they wear the right protective gear to keep everyone involved safe. We even bring our own mobile restroom to avoid disrupting your day by entering your home or hiding behind a tree in your neighbor's yard.

We will be there to aid you every step of the way. When you're ready to get your project started, request an estimate below in 2 minutes or less to receive a custom proposal the same day!