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5 Types Of Artificial Turf Companies

Navigating the web in search of an artificial turf installer can be challenging. Yelp sells the top 10 positions so you can’t be sure the companies actually produce quality projects. But don’t worry, we are here to help. There are five categories of companies and installers in the turf industry:

It’s important to know who you’re speaking with….

Marketing Companies

Stay away from marketing companies. They use stock photos and low prices to attract leads. Then they resell these leads to amateur installers, use these companies at your own risk. They’ll ship the turf directly to your home and promise that a professional crew will show up for installation. It’s basically a gamble to see if you get lucky with a quality installer. We don’t work with those companies simply because we provide quality jobs with manufacturer-recommended materials and there is no profit matching their advertised prices. 

Artificial Turf Suppliers 

These companies only supply turf and forward any installation requests to their partner installers, they don’t install turf themselves. Companies like this have local warehouses and pretty strong informational support on turf installations. We work with these companies often. However, when receiving a request from a specific turf supplier, we can’t show clients materials from other manufacturers. It’s best to contact us directly to receive more grass material options. 

Professional Installers

This is the category we fall into at InstallArtificial. Professional installers specialize specifically in artificial turf installation. They typically provide the best material choices from multiple suppliers and have more expertise when it comes to the actual installation. When contacting professional installers directly, you get the best prices AND a quality installation.

General Contractors 

These guys can usually install pretty well, we work with many general contractors. However, they have to get paid too. It will generally cost more to have a general contractor assist with these projects. But on the plus side, you will have an additional layer of protection against poor performance. Sometimes a general contractor may try to install turf with their own crew, which can become messy if they're not experienced. When in doubt, ask your general contractor to walk you through the project to gauge their knowledge.


Often gardeners are the only people who can take care of small projects at a reasonable price. However, we don’t recommend allowing a gardener to install anything over 100 sq. ft. They don’t acquire the equipment needed for turf installation jobs, the same way turf installers do not have tools to maintain your lawn and garden. It may seem like gardening and turf installation are similar but the trades are very different. For example, base prep in artificial turf installation requires a compactor, but this machine is expensive and heavy. Gardeners will not be able to lift a compact machine alone and they often end up prepping the base with their hands and rollers. Also, it takes a high level of skill to ensure the seams aren't visible.

To get the best grass material options, a qualified crew, and an installation that’ll last for years to come, contact us at InstallArtificial today. Request a free estimate below to get your project started!