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Preparing for an Artificial Turf Delivery

So you've finally made the leap and purchased artificial turf online for your home or business. Whether it's going on a rooftop, balcony, or lawn it's sure to transform your space and raise property value. But how should you prepare for the delivery? 

Artificial Grass Recycling

Plan Ahead For Manpower 

Although you're getting artificial grass shipped directly to your curbside, you'll have to take the reins from there. Many customers underestimate the weight of synthetic grass when bought in bulk. Plan ahead and have at least 3 strong people to assist in hauling the turf onto your property. 

plan manpower to lift artificial grass from curbside after delivery

Clear a Pathway 

Because turf comes in rolls that are 15 ft. wide, it can easily damage surrounding items as its being transported to its final home before being unrolled. This is especially true in rooftop or balcony turf applications, as usually the artificial grass must be carried through the home to reach the balcony or rooftop. We'd recommend clearing a pathway and removing any obstructions prior to moving the turf. If carrying artificial grass through your home, we'd recommend wrapping your rolls to prevent any edges from scratching walls.

Prepare the Base

If you're installing artificial grass yourself, you can prepare the base of your installation prior to arrival so the artificial grass is ready to unroll when it's delivered! If laying artificial grass on a balcony or rooftop, this could be as simple as decluttering and cleaning the hard surface. For soil applications, preparing the base will be a bit more of a process. This may include removing soil, capping sprinklers, etc.

To learn how to prepare the base yourself, reference our DIY Installation article! 

We hope you find this article helpful when preparing for your curbside turf delivery! Ready to make the purchase? Browse our Online Turf Store to compare tons of leading artificial grasses and see their performance results in our TurfLab on every product page! Want to kick back and let us to handle the entire installation from start to finish? Request a custom estimate below to get started!