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What Child doesn’t love the playground?

Let's face it, with all the energy that children have injuries are bound to happen. Learn why families and businesses are choosing artificial grass over traditional flooring in designated play areas.

Safety is #1

Kids fall, that’s just a fact. In the US, it’s estimated that more than 200,000 kids suffer playground injuries every year. 80% of those injuries are the result of falls. In an attempt to lessen this statistic, levels of fall protection are mandated in most public access play spaces.

What if you could make your at-home play areas just as safe? We understand that being a parent includes constant worry, so we want to help you design a space that lets you feel more at ease. Installing artificial grass as flooring under a backyard play structure is as practical as installing it in larger public spaces.

Traditional alternatives such as concrete, packed dirt, pea gravel, or bark chips are uncomfortable underfoot and can be hazardous. Hard surfaces skin knees, while mulch causes loose footing which may result in falls. Artificial grass is soft and fluffy underfoot, and with added padding systems it's an excellent choice because it provides shock absorption.

advanced smart padding system for backyard artificial playground turf

Offers a Cleaner Surface

If we're being honest, the alternative products make a mess. Dirt stains clothes and with a little added precipitation instantly turns into a muddy nightmare. Gravel and bark chips have a way of traveling beyond their space. Often sticking to children's clothing, they are then tracked throughout your lawn and home. Avoid the constant need of returning errant pieces to where they belong. Wood chips cause splinters that stick skin, clothing, and pet’s fur...Yikes

Natural grass creates its own set of problems as well. It stains clothing and also becomes dangerously slippery when wet. Playground turf is never slippery, and it drains moisture far faster than natural grass keeping the space dry and stain-free. Also, the more kids play on natural grass the more it wears, killing the grass and creating dirt patches on your lawn. 

Durable and Long-Lasting

Unlike natural grass, playground turf doesn't wear down or develop holes, even under the most energetic play. If properly maintained, it will be there looking plush and green long after your kids have outgrown their play structure.


The worst thing about natural grass is that it requires endless laboring work to maintain. It can easily become time-consuming and financially binding. Also, the constant yard work will cut into your kid's playtime. Watering the lawn alone causes the space to be unusable for hours afterward. Pea gravel and bark chips require less care than artificial grass, but they have to be replenished periodically at additional expense.

Once installed, artificial turf is happy just as is. A periodic rinse with the hose clears away summer dust, and lightweight debris such as fallen leaves can be easily removed with a broom, rake, or blower.

Pays for Itself

Artificial grass isn’t only an investment in play safety, it’s a smart financial investment too. It pays for itself in just a few short years. You can simultaneously protect your child and increase your property’s value! 

Provides Green Grass Year-Round

There is nothing prettier or more play-friendly than lush, green grass that lasts all year round. Children may not notice this as much as adults do but homeowners and those responsible for public areas want their space to be the most inviting it can be, an artificial grass provides that!

We hope you found this helpful in your decision-making process. More and more families are opting into providing an added layer of protection for their children, while also giving their lawn a much-deserved facelift.  We'd love to help you get started, request an estimate today!