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How to Save Money on Your Next Artificial Grass Project

Want to save more money on your artificial grass project without compromising on desired specs or materials? There's always a way to add additional savings! Below we'll discuss a few ways to receive additional discounts on your next turf installation.

Complete Two Projects at Once

When you combine two projects at once there are often additional discounts offered by contractors. Turf installers will save on fixed pricing such as dumpster rentals, deliveries, hauling, gas, etc. Sometimes there is even a discount on the artificial grass itself when it's bought in bulk. These savings can then be passed on to you. So if you're considering both front and backyard, or installing on the lawn and rooftop, combine these projects and complete them at the same time to save money! 

Combining two artificial grass projects for extra discounts

Schedule Project in Advance

Often artificial grass installation companies are willing to offer discounts to those who will sign further in advance and provide a deposit for a project that may be scheduled for 30-60 days from the project approval. This allows them to plan ahead and purchase materials when they're at the best price and offers more flexibility with scheduling on their end. It is typically mutually beneficial! 

Write a Positive Review 

There may be additional discounts available for posting in-depth positive reviews or tagging turf companies in your project photos on social media. This helps them expand their clientele through word of mouth. In this day and age, positive customer feedback online is vital. Check with your installers to see what's available! InstallArtificial is always willing to partner with clients to get them closer to their intended budget. 

Artificial Grass Recycling

Ask for Promotions

Sometimes there will be last-minute openings due to delays in other projects where we'll offer an additional promo discount to jump into project slots with a quick turnaround. Often artificial grass companies will reach out to clients first if they have any promotions that can be applied however it's worth inquiring about when discussing project costs with your artificial grass company. 

We hope this helps and provides you with a few more ways to save extra on your next project. Get in contact with us by reaching out to or requesting an estimate below to see what savings we're currently offering! We can't wait to get your project started, let's do this!