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Quality Installation Checklist

We want to help you ensure a quality job is complete from the very start of the installation process with this 10-point checklist! Use this while the crew you hired works on your project to prevent any costly repairs down the line.

Defects often don’t appear for 2-3 years after install and may cost as much as the original installation to fix. At that point, you may no longer be covered by warranty. Save yourself the hassle and make sure it's done correctly the first time. Typical defects may include:

Wrinkles.                        Uneven Surfaces   

Torn Corners                  Leaking Irrigation Systems

Flooded Buildings          Visible Seams

quality installation checklist

Do you need more details or help with the little-known aspects of installation? Do you want a consultation for your property? Please contact us at InstallArtificial today by requesting an estimate below!

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